It’s been two months since the release of Firefox 97, so what should you expect with this new release? Here’s everything you need to know about Firefox 98, including all of the new features, fixes and other changes that come along with it. You can check out the list of changes here or read on to find out more about what you can expect in this latest update to the popular browser… Firefox 98 Has Arrived Here’s What To Expect

Additions to the browser
It’s worth mentioning that Firefox 98 doesn’t come with any major new features, just stability improvements and bug fixes. Dialog element support is certainly a welcome addition for those who’ve been waiting for it to arrive in most modern browsers. Also worth mentioning is that Mozilla has still not added Wayland support to its Firefox browser.

Changes made by Mozilla
Mozilla announced a ton of changes that were made in Firefox version 98. Mozilla improved how it displays websites and apps by bringing what they call their Dialog Element to all versions of Firefox on all platforms. This element is focused around making sure content will always be visible even if you scroll away from it with your mouse or trackpad.

Firefox 98 Has Arrived Here's What To Expect
Firefox 98 Has Arrived Here’s What To Expect

Security updates by Mozilla
Mozilla revealed that it has fixed a security flaw in Firefox which is due to be released on 23rd June. The flaw may allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code through modified images of PNG format. Mozilla plans to make available a patch before then. Mozilla engineers are also working on Mozilla’s new operating system called as B2G (Boot 2 Gecko). The release date for B2G is not yet determined.

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Bugs fixed by Mozilla
Mozilla announced last week that it has fixed over 500 bugs and introduced several enhancements to its Firefox browser as part of its firefox 98 release. In a statement released by Mozilla after releasing Firefox 98 on Tuesday, Mozilla revealed that it had introduced a large number of new features for Firefox including faster page load times and better graphics support.

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