Michael Gray, played by Finn Cole, was introduced as the youngest son of gang leader Arthur (Paul Anderson) and Linda (Kate Phillips) in Peaky Blinders season 4. Unlike his older brothers Arthur Jr (Samuel Edward-Cook) and John (Joe Cole), Michael appears to have taken after his mother, who had little interest in the family business but provided unconditional love and support to her sons throughout their childhoods. Aged only 15, Michael was notably left out of the Shelby family’s plans during season 3 as they plotted to take over Birmingham – which saw them turn against each other with fatal consequences. Finn Cole Is Perfect As Michael Gray In Peaky Blinders

Why the Show Works

So why is it so successful? The fact that it’s an original drama on a network with a history of mostly reality and comedy programming gives it an edge. Further, creator Steven Knight puts his feet in both worlds: He’s written for long-running shows like Doctor Who and Spooks, which tend to be more melodramatic and are known for their ensemble casts. That experience no doubt helped him as he came up with something wholly original that he could call his own. But really, what makes Peaky Blinders work is Finn Cole as Michael Gray.

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Main Characters in Peaky Blinders Season 5

Cillian Murphy plays Tommy Shelby, Helen McCrory is Polly Gray, Paul Anderson is Arthur Shelby, Joe Cole is John Shelby, Jack Rowan is Finn Shelby and Aimee-Ffion Edwards as Lizzie Stark. Other cast include: Natasha O’Keeffe (Adele), Charlie Creed-Miles (Gavron), Charlie Murphy (Chief Inspector Chester Campbell) and Tommy Eytle (Billy Kimber).

Finn Cole Is Perfect As Michael Gray In Peaky Blinders
Finn Cole Is Perfect As Michael Gray In Peaky Blinders

Some of you may remember Danny from War Horse. Director Otto Bathurst will also be directing other shows such as Derry Girls, Little Women and Age Before Beauty. He’s been involved in many top films such as Doctor Who, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and The King’s Speech.

Emotional Intelligence of Finn Cole’s Character

Finn brought an emotional intelligence to his character that is so often missing from television these days. The very foundation of Peaky Blinders is family, and Michael Gray is a truly integral part of that fabric. He’s a doting son, an adoring lover, and truly protective in every way. Every action has equal parts love and protectiveness, which Finn captured so beautifully through his actions as well as his words. You could feel how much he loved Grace through just one look in his eyes; you could feel how deeply he respected Arthur through every single moment they shared on screen together (even their scenes toward the end). In terms of using emotional intelligence to form real connections with others, Finn really knows what he’s doing—especially when it comes to relationships on TV.

Mikey Goes Off On Everybody And We All Love Him For It

No character on Peaky Blinders is quite as psychotic or fascinating as Michael Gray. He has been dealt a terrible hand in life: forced to live his formative years in borstal, then subjected to even worse abuse at home, and finally sent to fight in WWI. Still, he maintains a wry sense of humor that’s particularly effective when he uses it on everyone else but his brother Arthur (Paul Anderson). For instance, after agreeing to be a driver for Sabini (Nikolaj Lie Kaas), I expected him to take that job seriously. But instead, Michael joked about his lack of driving skills so much that Sabini kicked him out of his car in frustration.

Finn Cole Is Perfect As Michael Gray In Peaky Blinders
Finn Cole Is Perfect As Michael Gray In Peaky Blinders

Mikey’s Intentions Are Pure

Finn is easily one of my favorite young actors right now. He is so good at interacting with his scene partners. Everyone loves him and it’s easy to see why. Finn understands when he needs to be serious and when he needs to liven things up with a little fun. His comedic timing is also great which makes him perfect for Peaky Blinders, which can sometimes rely on comedy given its setting. There are moments in season four where Finn shines, particularly an exchange between Finn’s character and Anya Taylor-Joy’s Grace Burgess; I won’t spoil anything but that scene had me cracking up even before it was finished.

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Mikey’s Willingness To Do The Right Thing

Interacting with scene partners is an important part of any acting. You can take all of your talents, strengths and weaknesses and throw them away if you’re not willing to work as a team with your fellow actors in order to bring about a story that is true and accurate for what it is. Whether you are looking at two people falling in love with each other on camera or trying to figure out how an older brother could possibly be friends with his little brother, there has to be something that is believable on some level in order for audiences to find enjoyment in watching it happen. When it comes to interacting with scene partners, Mikey Gray has shown time and time again that he knows exactly what he needs to do in order to make sure that things flow like they should.

How Good Is Mikey At Interacting With His Scene Partners?

Despite his tough-guy facade, Mikey is actually very good at interacting with his scene partners. On a basic level, he’s believable as a gangster from Birmingham because of how well he handles himself. We believe that he’d be able to handle himself in confrontations and keep up with Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy). It looks like Mikey does know how to interact believably within these scenes because of his history working on other shows such as Hollyoaks and Doctor Who where these kinds of interactions seem to be more common place for him. Plus, it also helps that he’s been part of an ensemble cast since 2010 and has worked consistently since then.

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Does Michael Gray betray Tommy?

Finn will be starring as Tommy Shelby’s nephew in season 4 of Peaky Blinders, where he’ll play a gangster who’s just like his uncle — a born leader and fighter. There are rumors that he’ll betray Tommy, but we’re hoping that those are unfounded (or resolved at least). No matter what happens though, Finn will make an excellent addition to an already incredible cast. Just watch out for that mean left hook!

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