A new character was introduced in the second season of Ozark. Jason Butler Harner played FBI agent Roy Petty, who was dispatched to investigate Marty Bryde (played by Laura Linney) and her money laundering scheme. This article explains why he was sent to the fictitious town of Ozark and who he’s investigating there. FBI Agent Roy Petty Comes to Ozark to Investigate Marty

A short background on the character

Roy Petty is an FBI agent who comes to Ozark, Missouri, on a personal and professional quest. A West Point graduate with 25 years of experience in military intelligence and anti-terrorism, Roy takes his job as a federal investigator seriously. He’s organized, detail-oriented and aggressive. His personality clashes with that of Marty Byrde almost immediately—Marty makes him feel young, something he doesn’t appreciate. However, Roy respects honesty and finds himself liking Marty despite their age difference and opposing philosophies. After spending time in Missouri looking into Marty’s affairs, Roy discovers that he has romantic feelings for Wendy Byrde (Jordana Spiro). The two have an affair which ends when she becomes pregnant with his child.

A short summary of season 2 so far

After relocating with his family from Chicago to rural Missouri, financial planner Marty Byrd (Jason Bateman) is confronted by an aggressive FBI agent (Jason Butler Harner), who has been tracking financial fraud cases and is suspicious of Marty’s actions. It’s no secret that Marty loves money, but could he be a bigger crook than he seems? In season 1, it took some convincing for Roy Petty (Harner) to investigate Marty. In season 2, he wants answers now. Earlier in Ozark Season 2 Episode 5 (The Badger), Roy makes more inquiries into where everyone else’s money came from—because it wasn’t from one loan business alone.

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What we should expect from him in season 3 & 4

It’s a funny thing about TV series. As soon as an actor becomes prominent, people start looking for him in every role, even if it doesn’t make sense. Just take a look at Jason Butler Harner (also known as Mr. Sattler from Jurassic Park or Special Agent Koutris from True Blood). He was supposed to be in season 2, but was cut out of the series; however, some people are still searching for him and his character-type when reading season 3 spoilers. That’s why we can easily see him as a new FBI agent who will appear in one episode of season 3 and two episodes of season 4.

FBI Agent Roy Petty Comes to Ozark to Investigate Marty
FBI Agent Roy Petty Comes to Ozark to Investigate Marty

Who is Roy in Ozark?

Who plays Agent Petty on Ozark? Jason Butler Harner. Jason is best known for his roles in movies like Zodiac, The Iceman, and The Illusionist. He also had a recurring role as Dr. Joe Bowman in House of Cards (2013–2016). In Ozark, he stars as FBI agent Roy Petty who is sent to investigate Marty Byrde’s business dealings after a money laundering scheme goes wrong. In season 2, we learn that Petty has been working with Del and trying to take down Marty from inside of his operation all along!

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What happens to Roy Petty on Ozark?

The series follows Marty as he’s forced to pay back a debt from his past. He thought he was out, but his past catches up with him and forces him back into a life of crime that he has worked so hard to get away from. Things only become more complicated when Marty tries to leave it all behind for good, but finds himself dragged right back in by a new FBI agent who may prove worse than anything that came before. But just how dangerous is FBI agent Roy Petty?

What was Jason Butler Harner in?

In more than a dozen episodes of David Milch’s HBO Western drama Deadwood between 2004 and 2006, Jason Butler Harner played sharpshooter Charlie Utter. The character started out as a gold prospector but later became one of Al Swearengen’s henchmen. He returned for two episodes in season 3, which aired in 2008.

Who is Varick in Ray Donovan?

Ray Donovan (played by Liev Schreiber) is a Los Angeles-based fixer for celebrities. He’s an enforcer and a hitman, but also an Irish-American Catholic who uses his professional connections in both communities to help out friends and family members. One of those individuals is his younger brother Daryl, played by Devon Bagby. Daryl has been mentioned frequently throughout season three of Ray Donovan, but here’s everything you need to know about him!

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Is Jason Butler Harner on the walking dead?

Jason Butler Harner is best known for his role as Special Agent Roy Petty on hit show Ozark. Harner will be one of several notable cast members who are coming back to appear in season three of The Walking Dead. Could we see him appearing in any other popular shows? There’s a possibility of it happening; in fact, he has done it before.

Who played Agent Petty?

Jason Butler Harner is an American actor known for his work in a number of roles on film and television. In 2017, he was cast as Roy Petty on Netflix’s crime drama series Ozark. The series follows a financial planner who is forced by a drug cartel to help them launder money in exchange for his family’s safety.

Is Roy Petty a cop on Ozark?

Yes, Jason Butler Harner will be playing FBI agent Roy Petty on HBO’s Ozark. The show centers on financial planner Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman), his wife Wendy (Laura Linney) and their family as they move from Chicago to a summer resort community in Missouri, where they intend to lay low while laundering money for a Mexican drug cartel.

Why is Cade Langmore in jail?

The kidnapping of Ruth Langmore was meant to send a message and make an example out of her—which it did. There’s still more questions than answers about Cade and his motives, but his presence in prison can’t be good for Marty or Ed (who is also behind bars). Is Cade there for protection? To make an example out of them as well? Or will he use their time in prison as leverage against them?

What happens to Agent Petty’s mom?

Although most of us probably don’t know a thing about FBI agents, we do know that they put their lives on the line for their country. So when one of them has to be away from his or her family, it can be difficult.

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