Fans of the hit show SVU are concerned about the state of Olivia Benson’s relationship. Following her break-up with Dominic Monaghan earlier this year, Benson has been the topic of much discussion among viewers. Some fans are worried that her new relationship will negatively affect her on-screen performance, while others speculate about whether or not Hargitay and Benson are back together. In the meantime, we asked fans what they thought about all of this and got a range of responses. What do you think? Let us know in the comments! Fans Are Worried About Olivia Benson’s Relationship on SVU

What do you think about fans’ concerns?

Fans of the hit crime drama, SVU, are anxiously waiting to find out what will happen next in the Olivia Benson storyline. Since the season premiere, there have been a lot of concerns circulating online. Some fans are worried that the storyline will end in disaster, while others are worried about the actress who plays Olivia Benson, Mariska Hargitay. Will Olivia end up with Ronny Allen or Diane Chambers this season? Judging by the recent spoilers, it seems like a love triangle is on the cards. But what do you think? Will Olivia Benson’s relationship on SVU be resolved in the upcoming episodes? Let us know in the comments below!

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SVU fans are worried about Benson’s relationship

SVU fans are anxiously waiting to see what new developments will be in store for Olivia Benson and her relationship with SVU Detective John Stamos. Other viewers are wondering if Benson is really pregnant, as she has been noticeably absent from work recently. Keep your eyes peeled this season for some exciting new developments in Benson’s love life! Meanwhile, Benson’s fans are worried about her relationship with Stamos and what that may mean for the future of the show. As always, be sure to tune in to SVU to find out what happens next!

Fans Are Worried About Olivia Benson's Relationship on SVU
Fans Are Worried About Olivia Benson’s Relationship on SVU

Do you have any thoughts on Benson’s break up?

Fans of the hit show SVU are anxiously waiting to find out what happened between Benson and her long-time partner. Reports state that the two have broken up, and the fan reaction has been mixed. Some are concerned that the show is going too far with its realism, and it’s impacting their enjoyment of the show. Others think that Benson should just be allowed to love whomever she wants without judgement from the showrunners. What do you think?

Mariska Hargitay and Olivia Benson dating again?

Mariska Hargitay and Olivia Benson have been dating for years, and their fans are worried about their relationship status. Reports surfaced last week suggesting that the two may be back together again – but nothing has been confirmed yet. So, let us know what you think in the comments below! Keep your eye on social media for updates on this developing story.

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Fans are concerned about Benson’s relationship on SVU

Fans of the show SVU are concerned about the development of Olivia Benson’s relationship with Detective John Stamos. Some viewers are worried that the show will end prematurely because of the tension between the characters. There is a lot of speculation online about their status and what may be going on. It’s important to remember that whatever happens in real life, it shouldn’t affect storylines on TV – otherwise, it would ruin the suspension of disbelief for viewers! Fans of the show can discuss the development of the Benson-Stamos relationship on social media using the hashtag #bensonstamos.

Fans Are Worried About Olivia Benson’s Relationship on SVU

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you thinkivas should watch SVU to find out what’s going on with their favorite characters?

No, at this point it’s not safe to watch SVU as Olivia Benson and John Munch are currently in a relationship. What’s more, fans of the show are worried that their ship may be sinking since there has been little interactions between them recently onscreen. If you’re curious about what happened between Benson and Munch, read fan theories on Reddit or SpoilersNet.

How do you think Benson and Stabler’s relationship will evolve over time?

Fans of the show Benson and Stabler are worried that their relationship is headed for disaster. However, some viewers think that Benson and Stabler will be able to work through their issues and save their marriage. There is a lot riding on this storyline, so it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.

Is there a chance that Benson will leave the show this season?

There is a high chance that Olivia Benson will leave the show this season as her character has been pushed to the edge. In recent episodes, the writers have not given her much of a story line and there are rumours that she will be killed off in an upcoming episode. It’s uncertain what fans can expect from Benson’s storyline in future episodes but it seems likely that she will eventually depart the show.

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Fans Are Worried About Olivia Benson’s Relationship on SVU

What kind of scenes are people talking about the most on social media?

People are talking about the various scenes on crime dramas on social media the most right now. Some of the scenes people are talking about include: Olivia Benson’s relationship on SVU, the one where Benson finds her husband in bed with another woman, and the one where Benson kills her daughter’s abusive ex-boyfriend. Other scenes that seem to be generating a lot of discussion on social media include: Stabler’s fight with his son, Rollins’ trial, and ADA Novak being diagnosed with cancer.

Are fans worried about Olivia Benson’s relationship on SVU?

Since the Season 18 finale of SVU, some fans have been worried about Benson’s relationship with ADA Raymond. Some speculate that Benson may have cheated on her partner with Raymond. However, no concrete evidence has surfaced yet to support these rumors. So, for the time being, it’s hard to say whether or not Benson and Raymond are still together.


Fans of the show SVU are concerned about Olivia Benson’s break-up and the potential implications it may have on her character. While opinions may differ, it’s clear that many fans are worried about Benson’s well-being. Do you have any thoughts on her relationship status? Are you worried about her future on the show? Let us know in the comments below!

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