Julia Benson began her acting career as soon as she was old enough to walk, and she never stopped working. Her latest role is in the new Amazon Prime Video Original, Hello, Goodbye, and Everything In Between, in which she plays the mysterious and powerful character of Claudia. We’ve had the chance to sit down with Julia at work and ask her about this fun and thought-provoking new show. Here’s what she had to say! Everything You Need to Know About Julia Benson’s Role as Claudia on Hello, Goodbye, and Everything In Between

Who Is Julia Benson Play as Claudia

Benson is best known for her role as Sergeant Eve Lockhart on the Syfy series Stargate Universe. She has also had guest starring roles on Supernatural, Smallville, and The Twilight Zone. Julia plays the lead role of Claudia in Hello, Goodbye, and Everything In Between. Claudia is a woman who is caught in between two worlds: the living and the dead. She must find a way to bridge the gap between these two worlds in order to save her loved ones. Julia says that she was drawn to this character because of her complex nature. She doesn’t know what she wants or where she belongs, said Julia. She wants to go back and be with her family but she can’t. Julia told us that when reading the script, she wanted to play this complicated character and explore those emotions that were so often left unexplored by others.

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The ABC’s of Who Is in the Cast

You may recognize Julia Benson from her role as Sergeant Vanessa James on the hit Syfy show Stargate Universe. She also had a recurring role on Supernatural. Now, she stars as Claudia on Hello, Goodbye, and Everything In Between.

Claudia is a tough and independent woman who is struggling to let go of her past. She has a son named Liam who she is very protective of. When we first meet her, she is working as a bartender and trying to make ends meet. However, she has a lot of ambition and is determined to make something of herself.

Hello, Goodbye, and Everything In Between is a heartwarming drama about second chances and family.

It was a great experience and I was able to work with some amazing people. I learned a lot about myself and my craft during that time. Plus, it made me happy to be able to work on something that I loved so much. But at the end of the day,

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I want to continue acting for the sake of being an actor. Being a guest star helped me to remember how much fun acting can be! Acting is more than just what you see on screen- actors are really storytellers and do this because they love it. As a child, I used to perform in front of family members all the time; now, I’m getting paid to act! My life couldn’t get any better.

Why We Shouldn’t Write Off This Show Just Yet

Despite its low ratings, there is still a lot to like about Hello, Goodbye, and Everything In Between. For one, the cast is excellent. Julia Benson in particular shines as Claudia, the show’s female lead. She brings a warmth and depth to the character that elevates the material. Secondly, the show is smartly written. It doesn’t talk down to its audience or rely on cheap jokes. Instead, it tells a genuine story about love and loss that we can all relate to. Finally, it has heart. And of course, I can’t forget about the fashion! The clothes on the show are always so stylish and trendy. I’m constantly getting styled up for TV appearances and when I see what my character is wearing on screen, it feels like a whole new world has opened up for me. After the show airs, I find myself at Nordstrom picking out similar outfits because there’s nothing better than being able to wear what you want after spending hours wearing restrictive clothing!

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I think one of my favorite scenes from Season One was when Claire had her party at her house while everyone else was having their holiday get-togethers. It showed how she felt isolated from her friends and family because she couldn’t celebrate with them anymore. She wanted everyone around her to know how she felt without saying anything, but it was clear that no one really understood what she was going through until they went through it themselves.

Least Favorite Things About Hello, Goodbye

I have a few least favorite things about the show. First, the love triangle between Claudia, Alex, and Ryan is completely ridiculous and annoying. Second, the show is way too predictable. Every episode follows the same formula: something happens to one of the characters, they all learn a lesson, and then everything is resolved by the end. Third, the acting is really bad. Fourth, the dialogue is often cheesy and contrived. Fifth, the characters are one-dimensional and lack any real depth or development. Sixth, the storylines are often clichéd and formulaic. Finally, the show is just overall not very good.

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