Eve and Maze have been through quite a lot since Eve’s debut in season 4, so let’s take a moment to review where they started and where they are now. These two characters represent the true power of love in the world of Supernatural, because even though love can be terrifying, it’s also what makes life worth living and keeps us moving forward when all hope seems lost. So, whether you’re shipping Eve and Lucifer or just rooting for these two strong women to survive together, their stories will continue to captivate viewers as long as Supernatural continues on the air! Eve and Maze’s Love Story

Who Are Eve And Maze?

Eve and Maze, a fan-favorite couple on Lucifer, have had quite an interesting relationship over three seasons so far. Both characters are strong in their own ways. Eve is from Heaven but was kicked out for some reason. She can give Lucifer a run for his money when it comes to finding clues, cracking codes, and tracking down leads. On one of her cases she meets detective Chloe Decker who becomes her friend.

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How Did They Meet?

Eve was married to a man named Adam, but they never really got along. When she killed him, he became her first soul. Eve thought of herself as someone who was constantly in search of something greater, until she met Maze at a bar in Las Vegas. They had an instant connection and were very affectionate with each other almost immediately after meeting. After getting drunk one night, Eve went home with Maze and couldn’t stop thinking about her afterward.

Eve and Maze's Love Story
Eve and Maze’s Love Story

Their First Date

Eve and Maze’s first date consisted of a lot of awkward glances in between witty remarks, but that was just a façade for how comfortable they felt with each other. The two were able to connect quickly; much more quickly than either would have guessed. Their first date took place at a local diner where both enjoyed their food, although Eve couldn’t get over how she could feel an odd sense of familiarity towards her server.

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What Are Their Strengths And Weaknesses?

There are a few things to be said about Eve. She’s not someone who is fully aware of what she’s capable of—yet. It will be interesting to see how she handles her newfound powers and whether she can accept them.

Their Beauty Styles

The duo has a unique sense of style. Whether it’s Eve, who dresses in all black or biker leather jackets, or Maze who tends to go with Gothic-style accessories, their styles are always on point. There’s no question that they’re two of our favorite female characters on Lucifer (next to Chloe). Below is a description of how they pull off their unique styles

Their Personalities

Eve is a strong-willed, independent woman who knows what she wants. She can be sarcastic, but her humor tends to come out in tough situations. Her tough exterior is often used as a shield to cover up her emotions and past. Eve usually keeps her thoughts to herself; however, when she speaks it’s usually worth listening.

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Their Relationship Challenges

When Eve first became a human on Earth, she had no idea that Cain was also living here. She eventually runs into him at a bar and they become fast friends. Eventually, they begin to have feelings for each other, but things come to a halt when he becomes upset with her over his mother being killed in battle. He leaves town, heartbroken.

Their Future As A Couple

Eve’s story on Lucifer is similar to Maze’s. Although they both experienced a traumatic childhood, they eventually move past their pain with Lucifer/Cain’s help.

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