Part of what makes the new HBO series Euphoria such an effective show comes from its powerful cast of characters and how they’re all connected to each other. Take, for example, one particular character: Suze (played by Zendaya). While Suze may seem like your average teenager when she’s hanging out with her friends and living the high school experience, she has a lot more going on than she lets on to everyone else. Euphoria : Meet Alanna Ubach, the badass mother of Suze, Lexi, and Cassie

What role did you play in creating your character?

Alanna Ubach is no stranger to playing strong, empowered women. She’s known for her roles in Legally Blonde and Welcome to Marwen, and she brings that same energy to her role as Suze, Lexi, and Cassie’s mother in Euphoria. To create her character, Ubach drew on her own experiences as a mother of three daughters. I just put myself in her shoes and thought about how I would react in different situations, she says.

What was it like working with Zac Posen?

Alanna Ubach had nothing but good things to say about her experience working with Zac Posen on Euphoria. She praised his vision and commended him for being so supportive of his models. She also loved the feeling of being surrounded by such positive and ambitious people. Alanna says that it’s important to have a goal in life and stick to it no matter what. I’m going to be a business woman! she exclaims.

Euphoria : Meet Alanna Ubach, the badass mother of Suze, Lexi, and Cassie
Euphoria : Meet Alanna Ubach, the badass mother of Suze, Lexi, and Cassie

It was an honor for me to talk with this amazing woman!

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What was it like playing with Taylor Schilling?

It was amazing! She’s so talented and sweet. We had great chemistry together. I loved working with her. Her character is always in charge, she knows what she wants and has a plan for everything. So it was really easy to play off of that kind of energy because you’re always reacting to what she says or does. And the other girls are awesome too – I felt like we were all having fun playing our roles.

Alanna also shared how excited she is to be reunited with Alexa PenaVega who plays Lidia on Euphoria: It was such a blast working with Alexa again.

The season finale airs July 12th at 10pm ET/PT on HBO Canada

Tell us about a memorable moment on set

Alanna Ubach is one tough lady. She’s the kind of person who knows what she wants and goes after it with everything she’s got. So it’s no surprise that she was able to snag the role of Suze, Lexi, and Cassie’s mother on Euphoria. When asked about her favorite scene from Season 1 so far, Alanna said It would have to be the scene in Episode 2 where I come back home and find my daughter  crying in the closet.

I just wanted her to know that she had a mommy who loved her unconditionally, Alana explained.

And even though I couldn’t always fix things for her, I could be there for her when she needed me.

Euphoria : Meet Alanna Ubach, the badass mother of Suze, Lexi, and Cassie
Euphoria : Meet Alanna Ubach, the badass mother of Suze, Lexi, and Cassie

Do you have any upcoming projects we should be excited about?

I’m currently working on a new web series called Euphoria which is set to debut later this year. The show is a dark comedy about three twenty-somethings who are struggling to find their place in the world. I play the role of Suze, Lexi, and Cassie’s mother. I’m also attached to star in an upcoming independent film called The Road Within which is set to begin production later this year. It’s a story that follows four 20-something friends living with borderline personality disorder. And lastly, I have several other projects lined up but can’t mention them just yet.

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I’m Suze

I’m one of the main characters on Euphoria. I’m 17 years old and a junior in high school. I live with my mom and my two sisters. I’m biracial – my dad is black and my mom is white. I identify as queer. I came out to my family and friends last year and it was really hard, but they were all really supportive. One thing that made it easier for me was finding acceptance at Euphoria. It’s an open place where I can be myself without worrying about people judging me or not wanting to be around me because of who I am.

I’m Lexi

Euphoria is a state of intense happiness and pleasure. In the show, my mom Alanna Ubach plays Suze, the mother of myself (Lexi), my sister Cassie, and our friend Sam. I love my mom because she’s always been supportive of me, even when I was going through some tough times. She’s also a total badass who isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes in. It’s been amazing working with her on this project. She teaches me so much about courage, strength, and empathy–I’m excited to see how all three of those qualities play out as we go into season two!

Euphoria : Meet Alanna Ubach, the badass mother of Suze, Lexi, and Cassie
Euphoria : Meet Alanna Ubach, the badass mother of Suze, Lexi, and Cassie

I’m Cassie

Alanna Ubach is one of the stars of HBO’s Euphoria. She plays the mother of Suze, Lexi, and Cassie. In real life, she’s just as badass as her on-screen persona. She’s an outspoken feminist and activist, and she’s not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. Her daughters are lucky to have her as a role model. I think it would be great if they learned that they can do anything, she said. And that their voice matters. When I asked if they’re proud of their mom, they all agreed: It’s like having your best friend with you always.

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I’m Alanna Ubach

In real life, I’m a mother myself, so I understand the challenges that come with raising strong, independent women. I hope that my character can be an inspiration to mothers everywhere who are doing their best to raise their daughters right. And now I’m going to give you all some advice from Suze’s mom: Be gentle, but be firm. Stand up for yourself. Fight for what you believe in. Take care of your body – don’t let your weight make you feel bad about yourself. Believe in love – there is someone out there for everyone, even if it takes years to find them! Live your life how you want to live it. Live each day as if it were your last because someday that might be true. Tell people when they hurt you – they’ll stop hurting you eventually, and they’ll thank you for letting them know how much they hurt you when they do. Above all else, remember to love yourself before anyone else loves you first.

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