Before Esteban Solares joined the Narcos cast, he was working as a police officer and eventually became chief of the Cali police force (where he was killed in the first season). He’s also Zoe’s uncle, Alma’s ex-brother-in-law, and Leo’s older brother. On Narcos, we see how he cares deeply about his family, even when they make choices that end up hurting him in the long run—like his younger brother bringing drugs into his home. Esteban Solares Alma’s Ex-Brother-In-Law

Who is Esteban Solares?

If you’re a fan of Narcos Season 3, then you already know who Esteban is – or rather was. In case you’ve been living under a rock for these past few months, here are all of Esteban’s details.

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How did he get out of jail?

After proving his innocence and recovering from a traumatic brain injury, Esteban was released from jail when authorities determined they didn’t have enough evidence to hold him responsible for his wife’s death. To his relief, Esteban was able to reunite with his daughter and brother as a free man after being wrongly imprisoned for 3 years. However, it seemed there was another mystery still lingering. Just days before her death, Esteban’s wife had mysteriously disappeared without a trace.

What happened with the Montijo family?

Most television shows can trace their roots back to a single incident—the murder that’s revealed in a flashback at the end of True Detective’s first season is one example. But what happened in Narcos’ case was not just a crime but an actual war: The campaign waged by Pablo Escobar against Colombian and U.S. authorities during his country’s civil conflict led to thousands of deaths—in particular, it resulted in thousands of disappearances.

Esteban Solares Alma's Ex-Brother-In-Law
Esteban Solares Alma’s Ex-Brother-In-Law

Why did he enter the Montijo estate without permission?

Esteban was a former police officer who left his job to protect his family from a drug lord, so he is dedicated to doing whatever it takes to keep them safe. When he noticed somebody leaving his niece’s estate in a truck late at night, Esteban went after him on foot.

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Can he be trusted?

Esteban is Zoe’s uncle and Leonardo’s brother. The three of them have a deep connection that dates back to childhood. Leo was an investigative journalist and Esteban a police officer whose lives intertwined in countless ways. After it was revealed that Eros had been using cops to do his dirty work, Esteban was thrown in jail. In season two he suddenly gets out of prison without explanation – but how can you be sure you can trust him?

Will he help solve the murder case?

Esteban is currently in custody on a separate matter and will likely be there for several days. Will he offer to help Leo with his brother’s murder? Will he ask to see or talk to his niece? Does he have information that could help move things along faster? In what way would Esteban want to get involved? Is it out of concern for his niece and nephew-in-law or out of revenge against Ángel (as possibly seen in Ep.

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