It’s safe to say that Stranger Things fans have become rather fond of Erica Sinclair, especially since she’s the only character who survived the final season! But while she may be one of the most popular characters in the series, many people know very little about her, including her backstory and her life before coming to Hawkins, Indiana. So if you think you know everything there is to know about Erica Sinclair, think again! We’ve created an awesome list of facts about Erica that will change your perspective on this character forever! Check out these 15 facts about Erica Sinclair below! Erica Sinclair – The Unsung Hero of Stranger Things

Who is she?

Priah Ferguson is definitely a rising star in Hollywood, with a role as Lucas’s 10-year-old sister Erica on Netflix’s Stranger Things. She was also present on season 2 as Young Suzie. And from playing Moonee in last year’s Golden Globe winning film, The Florida Project, to appearing in such films as Paper Towns and TV shows like Master of None, Priah Ferguson has shown incredible versatility for someone so young. Despite her age she has been fearless when given challenging material to tackle and is turning into one very smart young lady indeed. But what do we really know about her? Let’s find out!

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Which episode(s) do we see her?

In Season 2, Erica is introduced as Lucas’s 10-year-old sister. She’s a very inquisitive young girl who collects and studies bugs. In season 3, Erica is revealed to be a mole for Hawkins Lab and holds crucial information about Dr. Owens’ true intentions for Starcourt Mall which she reveals to Eleven (although Eleven doesn’t use it).

Erica Sinclair - The Unsung Hero of Stranger Things
Erica Sinclair – The Unsung Hero of Stranger Things

Her character really shines in her fight with Billy at Starcourt during which she briefly manages to manipulate his mind through telepathy. We later learn that she was aware of Billy’s intentions and ended up fighting him off anyway because he had hurt her friends and sister.

What does she add to the show?

Although she appears in only three episodes, Priah Ferguson’s Erica is already one of Netflix’s most beloved characters. First appearing in The Pollywog, where she is largely quiet as Lucas and Max grow closer, it takes a while to get to know her character. But by episode 6 of season 2, The Spy—where we meet her much more spunky persona—we can see that there is so much more to Erica than meets the eye. We learn about how Max and Lucas usually turn to her when they need advice about love—in fact, it was because of Erica that Max was able to figure out whether or not Steve has feelings for her.

How does she evolve?

Priah Ferguson, who plays Lucas’s 10-year-old sister Erica Sinclair on Stranger Things, has also been acting since she was 3 years old. But it wasn’t until 2017 that she really got noticed for her work with a supporting role in another hit Netflix series, A Series of Unfortunate Events. And in 2019 we can expect to see more from Ferguson when season 3 of Stranger Things premieres sometime later next year on October 4th. While fans know Priah for playing Lucas’s 10-year-old sister Erica, her relationship with her brother is still surprising to some — after all, Erica is older than Lucas!

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Erica Sinclair - The Unsung Hero of Stranger Things
Stranger Things

What are her future plans?

When Priah Ferguson got her first agent at age 4, she didn’t quite know what an agent was. By 11, she had two more agents, a publicist and a manager. But she still wasn’t sure exactly what it all meant. Now at 12 and starring in one of television’s biggest shows (Netflix’s hit Stranger Things), Ferguson has a better grasp on it all. When not filming, she studies with top teachers on set (like co-star Winona Ryder) and takes voice lessons twice a week.

Character Introduction

Erica is Lucas’s younger sister who only appeared in Season 2, but she was a crucial part to it. In most other shows, Erica would be just a side character and not worth watching, but with ST it’s different. Without her, we wouldn’t have gotten some of those great lines from Lucas and we wouldn’t have known that Hopper was thinking about Joyce before he told her about what really happened to Will.

Why She is Important in Season 3

In Season 3, Erica will become integral to Hopper’s life after Joyce’s death. After Joyce’s death, Hopper ends up moving in with Erica and Lucas. This is where most of his scenes will take place throughout season 3 as he tries to deal with his pain by helping Lucas and others deal with theirs.

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How Her Role Changes Over Time

From season two to three, Erica seems to evolve into Lucas’s biggest confidant. In fact, her role in Lucas’s life almost transcends that of a sister. Through much of season two and season three (so far), Erica can be seen talking Lucas through some of his problems or sitting by his side as he goes through them. She often seems to be one step ahead when it comes to thinking about what might help her brother move forward and work out whatever demons are haunting him at that moment in time.

Is Erica Lucas sister?

Erica is Lucas’s sister, but she has a pretty interesting relationship with him. She might be 10 years old, but Erica is far from immature. She can often be seen protecting her big brother and telling him what to do when he gets into trouble with their mother (because it seems like he always does). Erica also has some awesome interactions with Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) during season 3 that make you really feel for her character.

Who is Priah Ferguson related to?

Erica is Lucas’ sister, and she has an older brother named Mike. She wants to become a librarian when she grows up. When will Priah Ferguson next appear in Stranger Things? Season 3 and 4. What does Erica think about Steve Harrington? Erica believes that Steve is a jerk for cheating on Nancy Wheeler with Max Mayfield (though not necessarily because he’s dating Max). Does Priah Ferguson act? Yes, Priah has acted since she was just 2 years old!

Is Erica Sinclair a main character?

Although Erica is a reoccurring character, she is not a main character. However, her presence and actions are very much important throughout both seasons 2 and 3. Many fans have come to love and enjoy Erica’s smart-alecky and witty personality. In my opinion, she has one of biggest roles in season 3 due to her relationship with Lucas which we don’t see very often in TV/movie shows today.

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