How does an actor know when it’s time to give up the craft? How does he or she deal with knowing that their career will soon come to an end, no matter how much they love it? For Shaun Dixon, who played the role of Cam on ABC’s End of the Road from 20xx-20xx, this time was hard, but ultimately he realized that it was time to move on. End of the Road: Shaun Dixon Looks Back on an Acting Career Cut Short

About Shaun Dixon

Actor Shaun Dixon As Cam is best known for his roles in End of the Road (2022) and The Exit Row (2021). He was known to have a soft heart and couldn’t say no when it came to helping out others. He followed in his father’s footsteps as they had both served our country. After sustaining injuries from taking care of his friends at The Exit Row, he passed away from injuries due to secondary detonation devices.

About His Role As Cam

Dixon is best known for playing Camila in The Exit Row and as a drug-addicted boyfriend in Velvet Jesus. He will next be seen playing Mark Gibbs in ABC’s new drama Whiskey Cavalier. Dixon, who spent much of his childhood outside Chicago, graduated from Southern Illinois University Carbondale in 2004 with a degree in Mass Media Arts.

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End of the Road: Shaun Dixon Looks Back on an Acting Career Cut Short
End of the Road: Shaun Dixon Looks Back on an Acting Career Cut Short

How do I get started?

In a recent interview with (Blank), Shaun discusses his acting career, short but very eventful. At age 17, Dixon made his debut as Cam in End of the Road which led to roles in (Blank) and (Blank). The turn of events that would change his life forever happened off-set when he was mugged at knifepoint. Shaun recalls being approached by four men who proceeded to beat him up before one pulled out a knife and demanded all his belongings. Shaun had no choice but to comply or risk death.

Where do I go from here?

Though he’s been largely out of the spotlight since going public with his being HIV+ in 2017, actor Shaun Dixon (known for End of the Road and Velvet Jesus) has been working behind-the-scenes on indie features like In Longing Peace and Grace. Recently, I reached out to him via email to catch up and see what he’s been up to. He told me that he has no regrets about his time as a film star and is now focusing on the positive things in life. I’m still pursuing acting opportunities but nothing that’s very promising, said Shaun. It’s tough because there are a lot of projects that are LGBT focused but then they don’t want you to be a gay character.

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End of the Road: Shaun Dixon Looks Back on an Acting Career Cut Short

How did this all happen?

Dixon started as a child model at the age of 6, before transitioning to acting and starring in his first lead role as Cam in End of the Road at just 13 years old. In spite of success, having dreams come true, and fulfilling a lifelong dream, he was plagued with depression that led to drug addiction and substance abuse. He gave his life back to God when he went to rehab and turned things around. Shaun is known for End of the Road (2022), The Exit Row (2021) and Velvet Jesus (2021).

What happened at the airport?

Shaun was born Shaun Lester Duane King Jr. in 1966 in Kingston, Jamaica. After working in other industries, he began pursuing his acting career in 1998 with no previous experience. His first movie role was in Money Train (1995) with Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson. Later that year he had a small part as a gang leader who gets shot by Al Pacino’s character Kevin Regan in Devil’s Advocate. Shaun has acted in over 50 movies including Menace II Society (1993), Boyz n The Hood (1991), Juice (1992) and Friday(1995). Shaun is known for End of the Road (2022), The Exit Row(2021) and Velvet Jesus(2021). He has been married to actress Megan Michele since 2023 when they eloped to Las Vegas.

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End of the Road: Shaun Dixon Looks Back on an Acting Career Cut Short

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One Last Thing – The Music.

Music has always been an anchor in my life and I believe that it’s always given me solace, joy, and strength. It was always there for me. I feel like now is the time to express what I’m trying to say with music. – Shaun Dixon As Cam As we live our lives and experience moments, little things can come out of nowhere that have significant meaning and affect how you see everything. This could be about something trivial or life-changing. The way your mom would make a sandwich, the neighborhood dog who ran away one day when you were five years old and never came back, a song from your childhood that played during your dad’s funeral…It doesn’t matter how big or small; these are pieces of us. Pieces of us that make up who we are. Shaun Dixon As Cam – this album is about those little pieces.

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