The Spiderwick Chronicles star Mychala Lee Kelly confirmed on Instagram that she will not return as lead character Mallory in the series’ third installment, Spiderwick Chronicles: End of the Road . The actress posted a picture of herself with co-stars Mae Whitman and Nick Wills, writing Bye bye Mags #SpiderwickChronicles End of the Road. The caption was accompanied by emojis of tears and laughter, indicating her bittersweet feelings about leaving the show that launched her career. End of the Road for Mychala Lee Kelly

The Beginning

End of the Road is a film that was released in 2022. It was directed by Dorsol Lili, who also co-wrote it with Denzel King. The story follows an up and coming female Hollywood star played by actress Mychala Faith Lee as she struggles to overcome personal and professional obstacles. One of her biggest challenges being her mother (played by Nicole Lewis) who has come back into her life after being absent for 18 years. Their relationship is strained at first but eventually they find common ground and a new kind of love begins to form between them. They both try to find themselves again through their journey together until eventually fate steps in one last time.

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Off the screen

Mychala Faith Lee is best known as Maeby on Arrested Development and to her friends, she is simply a girl who can’t grow up. Beyond her on-screen persona, there’s a woman who never really had an adolescence herself; she wasn’t able to discover herself and had little time to explore what it means to be an adult with all the privileges that come with it. She has also been in two films: Truth Be Told (2019) and The Spiderwick Chronicles (2023). It was both of these projects that inspired her to turn off the television screens and live out some new fantasies–ones that couldn’t be filmed or staged. For example, becoming a professional dancer at New York City Ballet Mychala Lee Kelly recently married William Shepherd

End of the Road for Mychala Lee Kelly
End of the Road for Mychala Lee Kelly

About Her Role In End Of The Road

Mychala made a splash in Hollywood with her breakout role as Scout in The Spiderwick Chronicles . She followed this up with a series of small parts and TV guest appearances before landing her first major role as protagonist Delilah in End Of The Road . In September 2026, she announced that she would be retiring from acting to pursue a career as an author and political activist. Her most recent project is Young Leaders United (YLU) which was started by her mother Faith. YLU helps teenagers become leaders by allowing them to run their own non-profit organizations while they learn skills such as communication and leadership.

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What’s Next?

This is really it for us. We’re so proud to have grown with you and your encouragement has been a driving force throughout all of this. Knowing that our story resonated with so many people gave me strength when times were tough and helped me through some scary situations that I might not have had the courage to confront otherwise. So thank you, truly, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. And know that this isn’t goodbye forever, we’ll be back! I hope you enjoyed reading these stories as much as we loved writing them. Stay tuned for more updates on what’s next on Monday, April 15th!

End of the Road for Mychala Lee Kelly

The Early Years

Mychala Faith Lee was born in 2001 in Toronto, Ontario. She began her acting career at an early age with a recurring role on Rookie Blue (2012) at the age of 12. Following this she starred as Cassie Thorndyke in Truth Be Told (2019). In 2020 she had her first lead role as Alice Freeman in End of the Road and followed it up with The Spiderwick Chronicles (2023). Her most recent work has been behind the scenes with #GirlsJustWannaHaveFunds (2018) and 22 Minutes to Air: Miriam Webster

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Television Career

Mychala, whose work includes End of the Road (2022), Truth Be Told (2019) and The Spiderwick Chronicles (2023) have had an exciting start to her television career. In addition to these projects, she has also been featured on programs such as Shades of Blue. She is a talented actor who is definitely worth following in the coming years. Keep up with this talent with our gallery below and by following her on Instagram (@mychalalikelly).

End of the Road for Mychala Lee Kelly

Final Projects

Mychala is finishing up filming  End of the Road and her work on Truth Be Told. What projects are you looking forward to seeing her in next? Comment below with your thoughts! In addition, she’s finished filming on The Spiderwick Chronicles, so it will be interesting to see what project she takes after that. I’m personally hoping that she’ll return for a second season of The Thinning: New World Order (2021), as my favorite character was killed off at the end of Season 1, leaving an open spot for an eventual reprise by Ms. Lee herself!

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