Sarah Amankwah, who plays Major Sophie Moore in the British military drama, En Sentec has been announced as the new Doctor Who. She will be replacing Jodie Whittaker when she leaves at the end of this season to star in her own original spin-off show coming soon to En Sentec. En Sentec Welcomes Sarah Amankwah As The New Doctor Who

A conversation with the new Doctor

Doctor Who! It’s Sarah Amankwah, the new Thirteenth Doctor! We had a chat to find out all about her experience so far and what she’s got in store for us. It’s been a lot of fun exploring what it means to be The Doctor, she says. I’ve loved discovering who I am as this woman. Sarah has taken over from Jodie Whittaker, the first female Doctor in more than 50 years. What does that mean? It’s huge! she exclaims when we ask if there is any pressure on her shoulders following on from Jodie Whittaker’s success.

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How did she get the role?

Doctor Who 2022 casting has been shrouded in secrecy from the very beginning. There’s no shortage of talent to choose from but British producers are famously secretive about these things, as you might imagine. No doubt we’ll hear soon enough who will be taking over the role and what BBC plans to do with it in the coming years, which has Sarah Amankwah reflecting on her own story. When I was younger I wanted to become a doctor, she says, but my mum said that would be too difficult for me because I’m disabled. Instead she became an actor. But if a black disabled woman can play one of the most famous doctors in history then anything is possible.

En Sentec Welcomes Sarah Amankwah As The New Doctor Who
En Sentec Welcomes Sarah Amankwah As The New Doctor Who

What can we expect?

Doctor Who 2022 will be helmed by the new and very talented Sarah Amankwah who has already directed several popular shows in the past. No other details have been released yet but we know for sure that this is going to be an entertaining, imaginative and educational show for young people around the world. Stay tuned for more updates!

On being scared of everything

I always found it difficult to communicate my feelings. I was a scared little girl who grew up in fear of things she had no control over. But that didn’t matter because at the time, she was never able to do anything about it anyway. She knew that even if she told her parents how she felt, they wouldn’t understand what she was going through and would just try to console her with words rather than change their behavior. It’s so hard for me now when I look back on it and wonder why my mom didn’t give me the reassurance and support I needed as a child – but this is something Sarah understands better than anyone else could.

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Does she like football?

Many people do not know this but Sarah Amankwah is a huge fan of football. She is an avid Liverpool supporter and will often cheer them on in the games they play. You can tell she really knows what she is talking about and her support really seems to pay off when you see how successful they are! All of us here at En Sentec, wish her all the best with her new show, Doctor Who and hope that she enjoys working with us.

En Sentec Welcomes Sarah Amankwah As The New Doctor Who

The Halloween Apocalypse.

Sarah looked behind her shoulder. A zombie’s hand was grasping her skirt and ripping the fabric of her dress. She didn’t have time to get away, the other zombies had their mouths on her back, chewing through to the skin. It hurt like hell, but she knew it would be worth it in the end. If she could stop them now, they might never come back and finish what they started. It wasn’t easy fighting so many at once, but Sarah Amankwah had been training for this moment her whole life. She finally got free and ran as fast as she could into the house. I did it! She shouted to herself in triumph as she slammed the door shut with a bang that echoed throughout the streets.

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En Sentec Welcomes Sarah Amankwah As The New Doctor Who

Final question – favourite type of alien.

There are many types of aliens that have been portrayed in science fiction. From robots like the Cybermen to sentient plants like the Krynoids, we’re used to seeing a variety of life forms on-screen. But which is the scariest type of alien? I have to say that right now, my favourite kind of alien is one with an unknown origin and the potential for danger. There’s something about this so-called Unknown Alien that captures my imagination and makes me want to learn more about them.

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