Emma, the heroine of The Spiderhead, feels like she doesn’t have much control over her life. She works at the grocery store because her dad makes her and she has no direction in life. All she wants to do is find her place, but things just don’t seem to be going her way. When she finds out that it’s possible to get rid of the Spiderhead (the device that everyone seems to be wearing) once and for all, Emma decides that it might be worth it to try the procedure even though there are risks involved with getting rid of it permanently. Emma Is the New Spiderhead

The Story

To say that you love a movie is an understatement. To say that you are obsessed with a movie is an even bigger one. This past week I was able to attend an exclusive advanced screening of Emma . The film had already made its rounds at both festivals and sold out showings so I couldn’t believe my luck to be able to sit in on such a great event. For those who haven’t heard of Emma , it follows high school senior Emma, played by BeBe Bettencourt as she navigates her life over one summer, trying to do what’s right but also attempting to discover herself through whatever missteps she might make along the way.

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BeBe Bettencourt Play as Emma

The character of Emma is similar to that of Noelle, in that she’s a troublemaker. However, Emma shares none of Noelle’s malice. She is merely hyperactive and annoying—the kid sister you love to hate, who does everything in her power to get on your nerves. Emma makes for great comedy on Spiderhead with her wild antics and awkward attempts at flirting with Alex. While audiences may not immediately take to Emma as they did Noelle, it won’t be long before they find themselves rooting for her love story with Alex… even if they don’t want to admit it!

Emma Is the New Spiderhead
Emma Is the New Spiderhead

10 Things I Learned From Growing Up In Hollywood

Actress BeBe Bettencourt was raised in a home surrounded by Hollywood, but she’s not sure her childhood had a major impact on her career. Find out what else she thinks about growing up with two actors for parents and how that compares to acting in theater. At least, that’s where we started before things got crazy…10 Things I Learned From Growing Up In Hollywood: It might be hard to believe that everyone doesn’t crave attention at every turn (because they do), but actress BeBe Bettencourt knows otherwise. She grew up as Emma Best—daughter of acting legends Beau and Connie Best—in Los Angeles’ Tinseltown, where stars weren’t only at eye level; they were right there on TV.

5 Favorite Hot Weather Date Ideas

The only thing better than a sunny day in San Diego is a warm and sunny day in San Diego. The weather here is absolutely perfect for outdoor activities, but you still need to be smart about it. Whether you’re going out with your significant other or spending time with friends, here are five hot weather date ideas that won’t leave you feeling miserable. Just remember to drink plenty of water and wear sunscreen!

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6 Ways To Make Your Summer Vacation The Best One Yet

6) Pack only essentials and leave behind that heavy bag of what if I need it items. Weighed down by your over-packed luggage, you won’t have time to enjoy yourself. On a final note, don’t wear anything that’s not comfortable – because you’ll never wear it again. Spend your money on more vacations! (Bebe Bettencourt)

Emma Is the New Spiderhead
Emma Is the New Spiderhead

3 Tips For Fitting In Workouts While On Vacation

Vacations are a great way to recharge your batteries. But they can also be stressful: You have to plan them, save up for them, decide who you’re going with, then make all of those arrangements—then worry that it won’t live up to your expectations. The best way to make sure that doesn’t happen? Go somewhere you’ve never been before. Next summer, take a trip somewhere new . Here are six places we recommend checking out if you’re looking for vacation ideas…

2 Things I Always Pack When Going Away

Whether I’m going on a business trip or taking a quick weekend getaway, there are two things I always make sure to pack: my eye mask and my noise-canceling headphones. If you travel as much as I do, you’ve probably found that flights are one of your top productivity killers. And if you work from your laptop like I do, productivity killers can equate to dollars wasted. If it’s an early morning flight or one in which you need to be available for conference calls, it can be hard to stay awake on time.

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What nationality is Bebe Bettencourt?

Bettencourt was born in Vancouver, British Columbia to a Portuguese mother and French father. She is of partial Portuguese descent on her maternal side and has also claimed descent from Iberian ancestry through an ancestor born in Ajudá-Miranda do Douro, Portugal. Bettencourt identifies as bisexual and has stated that she experiences same-sex attraction without acting on it due to a personal and spiritual belief system. She had not publicly disclosed her sexuality until 2018 when she came out as bisexual at age 27 during an interview with Purple magazine. That’s why many people are confused with her name because they don’t know that she is not just Bebe but Bettencourt too!

Is Bebe Bettencourt Australian?

Bebe Bettencourt is French. She was born in Strasbourg, France and she grew up in Paris. Her mother is Australian, so she has a dual citizenship of France and Australia and lives between both countries. She decided to move to Hollywood at age 19 because of her longtime desire for acting as a profession. Despite her parents’ disapproval at first, they came around when she landed her first big role at age 20. Her parents were there for every step of her career since then, and their support has been one of her biggest motivations throughout it all. She says: My parents are my biggest inspirations, especially after I moved away from home at such a young age with only my sister to keep me grounded.

How old is BeBe Bettencourt?

49 years old (BeBe Bettencourt born November 25, 1964) How tall is BeBe Bettencourt? : 5 feet 4 inches (1.63 m) How much does BeBe Bettencourt weigh? : 129 lbs (59 kg) Where was BeBe Bettencourt born? : Los Angeles, California, United States Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius What is BeBe Bettencourt’s eye color?

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