Elinor has always been the prim and proper one in the family, while Juliette was the fiery passionate one. Dzienny is from Toledo, Ohio, and is the daughter of Mike and Tara Dzienny. She is the youngest of three children. Dzienny began modeling at the age of five after winning a contest sponsored by L’Oréal, and primarily modeled during summers. Soon after taking up modeling she began studying tap, jazz, ballet, and hip hop dancing. After landing a role in the Supah Ninjas pilot, Dzienney and her mother moved to Los Angeles in November 2010 , Elinor’s First Kill: A tale of revenge from Juliette’s older sister

What was your first kill?

When I was eleven my mother gave me an ax and told me that if you ever need to defend yourself against someone, make sure you aim for their neck. She said that it was a small space where they wouldn’t be able to move enough to get away, but once you cut through it they would die instantly. The next day I took her advice and chopped off my sisters head with that same ax. Her name was Gracie Dzienny. I named myself Juliette on her grave…

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How did you find it?

Gracie Dzienny, Juliette’s older sister was in a long-term romantic relationship with Robert Knepper. The video shows she walked into his trailer and found him cheating on her with some other woman. She is wearing all black clothing and also a cowboy hat, like she came for vengeance.

Elinors First Kill: A tale of revenge from Juliettes older sister
Elinor’s First Kill: A tale of revenge from Juliette’s older sister

You can see her walk up to Robert Knepper and just coldly stab him as he turns around shocked by what has happened. Then you can see her grab another knife out of her belt, stab him again and then cut his throat all while he is lying there not doing anything.

What made you so good at it?

I got a lot of practice. I was quite literally raised by wolves. And that’s not even a metaphor, although admittedly it’s one I would have used if my mother had been more inventive and wasn’t just going for lowest-common-denominator. We lived in an area where there weren’t any packs around, so we had to start our own and learn how to defend it.

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How do you feel now?

How do you feel about killing after you’ve done it? – Years ago, I made a vow to myself that if I was ever involved in taking a life, I’d find out how others felt who had gone through that same experience. If you’ve killed anyone, even in self-defense or as part of your job, please share your feelings with us by clicking here. You may remain anonymous and your response will be used in an upcoming Huffington Post feature story on killers.

Has anyone ever found out?

Gracie Dzienny (Author), Brian Reeves (Narrator) Length: 5 hrs and 7 mins AudioEdition: English 2016-05-31 ISBN-10: 1619877617 ASIN: B01I8G34SI; ISBN-13: 9781619877619 Publisher: Audible Studios,

Elinors First Kill: A tale of revenge from Juliettes older sister
Elinor’s First Kill: A tale of revenge from Juliette’s older sister

LLC Edition language: English Series The First Kill series

It was all about her. It always had been. I couldn’t stand it anymore. She’d taken everything from me—my family, my life, my very existence. My sister Juliette was going to pay for what she’d done to me…and everyone else she’d ever touched. Even if it meant I had to become someone I didn’t recognize in order to do it. To make things right again, someone had to die—and that someone would be her!

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Are there rules to being a professional killer?

Let me start by saying that I am not one to call for limits on a person’s behavior. Each of us has agency, and each should be free to live their life as they see fit. That said, if you choose to pursue a career as an assassin, there are some rules you should follow. To begin with, don’t forget your own name; it would be awkward when addressing one another if you were unable to do so. Likewise, when working with other assassins (i.e., your colleagues), don’t just kill them if they happen to get in your way; it will confuse future victims and make them less likely to trust you in future endeavors—even after they realize it was a misunderstanding!

Do you have any advice for your younger brother and sisters on how to become such great killers like yourself?

I have no doubt that you, Elinor, will be an amazing killer. You have a sharp mind and quick instincts, but as with everything in life, first you must learn some basics. I’ve outlined my favorite tips for young assassins below. I hope they serve you well! 1) Don’t get cocky. Your powers are great, but remember—you’re still just one person. Don’t go around thinking you can take on whole groups of people by yourself; even if your powers are strong enough to do so, it isn’t always worth it when there are other options available to you. 2) Be nice to your family members and friends.

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