A gamer was so excited to get his hands on the new Elden Ring game that he decided to use the character creator to make a Spawn. He immediately uploaded it to Reddit where it quickly went viral because, let’s face it, it’s pretty funny looking. You may wonder why this Elden Ring player didn’t just make a character that looked like himself? Well, because if he had, no one would believe him when he told them that he made this character with the game’s character creator. Elden Ring Player Makes the Most Hilarious Spawn

This awesome Elden Ring player used character creator

Creators and creators is a feature in Elden Ring that allows players to use existing characters to create new playable heroes. This player used character creator to make something different, hilariously comedic. There’s something amusing about making a pathetic looking character in character creator look badass and heroic in-game. The result is very effective and creative as well as goofy.

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What did they make?

The character creator for Elden Ring is supposed to give you, theoretically, a myriad of options to make your own custom version of an in-game hero. But, with that level of customization comes a whole lot of room for hilarity and weirdness. One player who goes by N7_Ulysses on Reddit made something truly special. What they created is seemingly perfect and fitting given all that’s gone into developing Elden Ring.

The results are hilarious

I’ve been playing games for years and I have to say, I’ve never seen anything like it. This poor dude is big, blue, naked, and has a huge crab claw coming out of his back. It’s actually kind of scary. Just look at him: What even is that? That thing doesn’t even make sense! And what’s with all those tentacles? It looks like he was attacked by an octopus or something! I can only imagine how embarrassing it must be to play Elden Ring with that character on your team. Can you imagine how confused your teammates would be when they see you running around in nothing but a Speedo and giant spider legs?

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They basically made their own horse, spider, and dinosaur

Making a custom Elden Ring character creator? Sign me up. For some reason, no one is talking about how insanely awesome it is to make your own spawn in Supergiant Games’ upcoming third-person action game, as anyone who has seen it will tell you—even if they had to cut you off while they raved.

And it’s now going viral

What’s funny about playing video games is that you can do almost anything in a game that you can in real life, or at least make it look like it. And for one Elden Ring player, he decided to create his own character by putting himself into his favorite video game: Dragon’s Dogma Online (DDO). And not only does he looks exactly like himself—he even looks like he did before he shaved off his beard.

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