Many players have experienced problems with EA’s anti cheat system recently and have tried various things to fix it, but to no avail. I have discovered the source of this problem and have also come up with solutions that work most of the time to help you get back in game again. This will be a step-by-step guide on how to solve this problem and will include multiple solutions that you can try out when faced with these problems, so keep reading! EA’s Anti Cheat System is Ruining FIFA 23

The current state of affairs

I’m not entirely sure how EA has managed to break their anti cheat system so many times, but they’re really ruining the game. I’m not quite sure why they haven’t been able to fix this issue, but it really needs to be addressed immediately or it could take over the entire game.

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What could they have done?

Players are reporting that they cannot play the game because of EA’s anti cheat system and a number of players have unsubscribed from the game in protest. EA needs to either figure out how to fix their anti cheat system or remove it entirely.

Why can’t they do it now?

The problem lies in the fact that the game cannot be played offline. The only way for people to play the game without potentially being banned is to have a connection to EA servers at all times. This means that if you live outside of an area with good internet or a power outage, you are out of luck.

A possible solution

The solution to this problem is simple: EA needs to give their players the option to play offline. I’m sick of playing ranked matches against people who are clearly cheating, and it’s hard to win when you have no idea what your opponent might do next. When I search for an online game, I can’t find a single person playing on the same level as me or with the same skill set.

EA's Anti Cheat System is Ruining FIFA 23
EA’s Anti Cheat System is Ruining FIFA 23

The Issue

The EA anti-cheat system has been an ever-present issue for many gamers in the past, but this year it seems to have gotten worse. In the past, EA just banned players from playing, but now they’re also banning consoles from playing online, meaning that if you get banned and someone else wants to play your console, they can’t.

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A Solution

EA needs to fix the problem with their anti-cheat system. It has been causing a lot of issues with the game. Last night, my team got a red card in the first five minutes of play and I had no idea why. I played for four hours last night and every time I made a pass or took a shot it would get intercepted. I have never had this problem before and it was extremely frustrating. FIFA just isn’t fun anymore when you can’t play without getting constantly kicked out.

Why This Worked

The EA anti-cheat system has been a point of contention among the FIFA community for some time now, but it seems to have reached its tipping point this week. Many players are claiming that they’ve had their accounts banned unfairly, and there are reports of bans being handed out just for streaming on Twitch. The problem appears to stem from EA sending out automatic account suspensions to those who download any third party software that could be considered cheating or hacking.

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