This video isn’t the first time DrDisrespect has trolled another streamer and xQc might have got himself an eternal enemy with this one. And oh, xQc doesn’t think he’s the best Elden Ring player out there, does he? Let’s see what you got, son! DrDisrespect is the ultimate Elden Ring player

The controversy (xQc took umbrage with DrDisrespects statement)

xQc, a competitive Overwatch player (under contract by Paris St. Germain) and streamer, took to Twitter to call out DrDisRespect.

Can you really consider yourself an expert if you have never played against the best?

The problem with experts in esports is that everyone seems to have a different definition of what it means to be an expert. Sometimes, being an expert is about time spent doing something (like playing games for hours every day), and sometimes it’s about knowledge acquired over time (which you can learn from reading or being taught). Other times, though, it’s about proving your worth by beating other players—often those considered experts themselves.

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What does this mean for professional gamers, Youtubers and streamers?

For professional gamers, Youtubers and streamers, it means that they have to be aware of what they say in public (especially if it involves another pro gamer or streamer). If they don’t they could potentially get into legal trouble. This can also hurt their reputation with their audience as well. So pro gamers should learn how to pick their battles carefully and never attack a member of the public just because they can.

DrDisrespect is the ultimate Elden Ring player
DrDisrespect is the ultimate Elden Ring player

How do we prepare?

It’s quite possible that we’ll never be ready for DrDisrespect. It’s safe to say we’re not prepared for any of his streams, but it doesn’t stop us from trying to figure out a strategy anyway. We can only hope our strategy keeps up with his relentless commentary and eye-popping gameplay.

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