You probably know Dominic Goodman as Cal Lightman’s younger brother, Apollo, but the actor has appeared in many other roles over the years, including one in the 2002 film First Kill where he played the role of Dominic D-Boy Goodman, also known as Apollo to his older brother and only known by his first name throughout the movie. Here are five things you might not know about Goodman’s role in First Kill . Dominic Goodman’s Apollo: First Kill

About the Film

The film is based on Cal Montgomery, who worked with a detective (Brandon Fisher) to solve his family’s murder. In real life, Cal was only 12 years old when he became a police informant. The film shows how he interacts with his older brother Dominic Goodman (played by Tyrese Gibson), who has become part of New York City’s criminal element. Dominic does whatever it takes to help Cal save face in front of their friends, schoolmates and teachers when it becomes clear that Cal is losing control at home. His role in helping to resolve the investigation puts him at risk and destroys any chance of a normal life for himself or his younger brother.

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The Characters

The twin brother of Cal, who dies at birth but is represented in flashback scenes by J. T. Glover and Dominic Goodman, is never named in either movie. He had a wife with whom he seems to have shared an unusual relationship as brothers-in-law (compare with Cal). It was also implied that he used his influence as a senator to protect Cal from being arrested for murder. In return,

Dominic Goodmans Apollo: First Kill
Dominic Goodman’s Apollo: First Kill

Cal was willing to murder various people for him (including his own friend) and help him cover up his death. Dominic died after his sons forced their mother (his sister) off a balcony under false pretenses.

The Fight Choreography

Dominic Goodman is a former member of Cirque du Soleil and has been called one of Cirque’s best performers. In fact, he was ranked #4 of all time in Cirque productions on Pollstar. His performance pieces have broken records at Radio City Music Hall and Madison Square Garden, where he has performed as well as appearing on Broadway in La Cage Aux Folles, Chicago and The Lion King. He won a Tony Award for La Cage Aux Folles and was nominated for The Lion King. Dominic began his training at 4 years old at Ballet School of Canada, where he began his journey into becoming an artist in a variety of forms ranging from hip hop to modern dance to acrobatics.

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Working with Director Kreshnik Tari

I play Cal’s older brother in Apollo, whose dreams of becoming a writer come to fruition when he learns his poem will be published in a famous magazine. But when Cal begins finding success, he begins questioning what it means to succeed. He tries so hard to protect his little brother from making choices that could lead him down a dark path that he ends up pushing him away. As things get worse for both characters, I’m there for Cal by trying to make everything seem better, but at what cost? We find out where my character stands at the end of Episode 2—and I promise it’s not where you think!

Training for the Fight Scenes

Dominic has been training in a variety of different styles to ensure that he’s physically ready for his role as Cal’s older brother. In particular, Dominic is currently preparing for each fight scene by studying boxing.

Dominic Goodmans Apollo: First Kill
Dominic Goodman’s Apollo: First Kill

This training focuses on building strong fundamentals and helping Dominic learn how to punch properly and safely. He is also studying kickboxing to help with fight choreography and stunt coordination during filming.

Chapter One – The Past

I grew up as a military kid. Our family moved around a lot, but I never really minded. It was an adventure and I had my older brother Cal to keep me company. He was my best friend, but he also took care of me like our dad couldn’t. At least that’s what I thought until it all changed…

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Chapter Two – The Present

Cal slept deeply and dreamlessly for a full six hours. When he awoke, he was still tired, but refreshed. It wasn’t until he sat up in bed that he realized there were two hands wrapped around his throat. One of them belonged to Dominic, who was sleeping peacefully with Cal sprawled on top of him. His brother had one hand over Cal’s mouth while pinning his arms down to keep him from thrashing too much. It didn’t matter how hard Cal tried; Dominic would have held him down easily if Cal hadn’t been wearing an Angel’s Silencer ring to keep him calm and compliant.

Chapter Three – The Future

We’ve had our little talk and now it’s time to give you an opportunity to get out of here before things get any worse for you. Cal felt his heart beat faster as he listened. The only way that is going to happen, is if you do something for me. And I’ll tell you what it is, then give you a chance to think about it. Cal nodded with encouragement, even though he knew in his heart of hearts that no matter what he said there was no way on earth that Dominic was going to let him go. Still, Cal wanted an answer so badly that he would have consented to almost anything at that moment just to hear what Dominic wanted him to do and then have the option of saying no.

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