Did you know that there’s a secret shortcut key on your keyboard that has been hiding in plain sight this whole time? That’s right, it’s Window + H. Why are we telling you about it now? Well, our engineers have just discovered that this shortcut key can allow you to switch between your open programs quickly and easily without having to go through the Start menu or the taskbar… It’s super useful! To use this shortcut, hold down the Windows key on your keyboard (the one with the windows logo on it) and hit H together at the same time! the best use WIN+H for open recorder on your computer screen . Discover Window + H the powerful shortcut you didn’t know

Create a new document by pressing Win+H
This is a quick way to create a new blank document in any application. This works from within any program or from a desktop icon. It’s easy to combine with other commands—for example, pressing Win+H + Ctrl+N will open Notepad and create a new text file. This can be handy if you need to open two files in different windows quickly—you can just press one key combination instead of navigating through multiple menus.

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Create an empty horizontal line with Win+H
You don’t need to waste time dragging and dropping a new line. You can achieve same result with simple keyboard shortcut. Pressing Win+H on your keyboard will create an empty horizontal line in any document or web page you’re working on. These lines are useful for dividing sections of text or creating columns that help organize content in your documents.

Discover Window + H the powerful shortcut you didn't know
Discover Window + H the powerful shortcut you didn’t know

Create equal spacing between multiple characters with Win+H
Text with a specific margin is usually more readable than text that’s just flush against its neighbor. Plus, using a keyboard to create equal space in Word can quickly become annoying if it involves lots of typing—and even if it doesn’t. For example, say you want three inches of space between all characters (both left and right). Type {= 3in =} in your Word document; then press Win+H. Presto!

Align text to the top or bottom of a cell with Win+H
Ever been irritated that Word doesn’t automatically align text to the top or bottom of a cell in a table? You can easily do it yourself with window + H . Here’s how: Select your table. Press [window] –> [format]. In Alignment click OK.

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Enter data in cells vertically as well as horizontally with Win+H
If you’re working in a large spreadsheet, then there’s a good chance that you need to enter a lot of data into cells. Excel includes an easy shortcut (Win+H) that allows you to do just that. This shortcut will work with a large selection of cell formats and is great for entering long strings of data or numerical values. Let’s take a look at how it works!

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