Have you ever heard of Google Flights? Many people have, but they don’t realize that there are actually two different apps with the same name. The reason many people aren’t aware of this is because the differences between these two apps are relatively minor, so many users find it strange that Google would name two separate apps after the same thing. Below, we’ll go over what each app does, how to access them, and how the confusion may impact you as a user. Different Apps, Same Name: Google Causes Confusion

What Happened

Recently, Google made a change to how they name their apps. Now, the same app can have different names on different devices. For example, the app Maps is called Google Maps on some devices and just Maps on others. This has caused confusion for users who are trying to find and use the apps they need. It’s difficult to know which version of an app you should be using or which one will work best for you. And if you mistakenly download the wrong version of an app, there’s no way to tell if it’s because it doesn’t have all the features that you want or because it might not work as well as another one.

Google+ Split into 3 Applications

Since its launch in 2011, Google+ has been one of the company’s most important social products. But it’s about to become three different products: Streams, Hangouts, and Photos.

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The change is confusing for users because all three of these new products have the same name as the old Google+ app.

Different Apps, Same Name: Google Causes Confusion
Different Apps, Same Name: Google Causes Confusion

For example, now there are two apps called Google Play Services. One manages your device settings and security; the other stores data from your favorite apps so they run faster. And now there are two chat apps too-Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet-that do similar things but might confuse some people who were using one for work purposes before.

What Does it Mean?

Google has caused some confusion with its recent decision to name two different apps the same thing. One app is a messaging app and the other is a video-sharing app. This means that when users go to search for either app, they may get results for both. While this may not seem like a big deal, it can be confusing for users who are trying to find a specific app. For example, if someone wants to use YouTube as their messenger app, but accidentally types in Google Duo instead of YouTube Messenger on their phone’s keyboard, then they will end up going to the wrong place.

What Should Brands Do?

1. If you’re a brand, it’s important to be aware of this issue and the potential confusion it could cause for your customers.

2. Keep an eye on your app store rankings and download numbers. If you see a sudden drop, it could be due to this confusion.

Different Apps, Same Name: Google Causes Confusion
Different Apps, Same Name: Google Causes Confusion

3. Respond quickly to any negative reviews or comments about the issue.

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4. Make sure your app is well-branded and easily distinguishable from other apps with the same name. 5. Avoid using generic names that are easy to confuse with other brands’ apps.

Why Did this Happen?

When you have two products that do different things, it’s important to give them different names. That way, users know which one to use for what they need. Unfortunately, Google didn’t do this when they created their Calendar and Gmail apps. Both are named Calendar and Gmail, which has caused a lot of confusion for users. It’s not just the name, but also the icons are confusingly similar as well. The best solution would be to rename one of the apps so there is no more confusion in the future.

How Did they Come Up With Their Names?

In the early days of the internet, companies were able to get away with having similar names because there wasn’t as much competition. Nowadays, it’s not as easy to stand out from the crowd. So how did Google come up with the names for their apps? According to their CEO, Sundar Pichai, they wanted something that was short and sweet. And it seems like they accomplished that goal. However, some users are confused because the names are too similar. One user said that she couldn’t find the right app because Google Maps is what I usually search for first. Some say this is a problem with the interface, but Google claims this is intentional. The two teams have different goals- one team wants to make maps more accurate by eliminating gaps in mapping data, while the other wants to keep you on-the-go by making everything as fast and intuitive as possible.

Different Apps, Same Name: Google Causes Confusion
Different Apps, Same Name: Google Causes Confusion

Will Users Get Over The Change?

Recently, Google made a change that has caused some confusion among users. The company decided to give the same name to two different apps. This means that when users search for one app, they may see results for the other app as well. For example, if someone searches for Google Photos on the Play Store, then both Google Photos and Google+ Photos show up in the list of search results. When this happens, people often get confused and wonder why there are two separate apps with such similar names and features. Many also complain about not being able to find an app they’re looking for because it doesn’t show up in the list of results on Play Store search.

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Users are understandably confused when they see the same name given to two different apps. Google should be more clear in their labeling, so that users can easily find the app they’re looking for and know what it does. In the meantime, users can try searching for the app by its function instead of its name. Alternatively, if you have a phone running Android 6.0 or higher, you can just tap and hold on an app icon until a menu pops up with various commands – one of which is called App Info. Clicking this will take you to a page where you’ll be able to rename the app if desired. When renaming the app, make sure to enter Apps before typing in a new name (i.e., Apps-Facebook). Once you’ve renamed your apps, your home screen will reflect those changes!

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