Most people don’t know this, but actor Joel Kinnaman was actually raised in Sweden as a Republican. He isn’t anymore, though! The reason? His work on Netflix’s House of Cards. (Or, at least that’s the rumor.) Here are some other fascinating facts about Kinnaman that you might not have known. Spoiler alert! Did You Know That Joel Kinnaman Was a Republican?

5 Things About Joellin’

There’s been lots of talk about Will Conway as Governor and as Vice President, but what did you know about how he became such a powerhouse in politics? As it turns out, we didn’t know too much. Here are 5 facts about our beloved Democrat, who may just be running for President in 2020.

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What We Can Learn From Our Characters

Life doesn’t always hand us what we want, but if we keep working at it, there’s always a lesson to be learned. Here are some of my favorite lessons from my favorite TV show

3 Reasons To Watch Altered Carbon

The show takes place in a futuristic, dystopian world in which humans can transfer their consciousness into new bodies. It’s about what happens when people are able to live forever and doesn’t have much of an agenda. If you like shows like Black Mirror or Mr. Robot, Altered Carbon is for you!

Did You Know That Joel Kinnaman Was a Republican?
Did You Know That Joel Kinnaman Was a Republican?

2 Timely Topics in Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon is a new Netflix show that has received high critical acclaim. The show takes place in 22nd century and follows Protagonist Takeshi Kovacs played by Joel Kinnaman. The show explores many political issues as well as taking an overall stab at society today with obvious references to drug use, over population, and many other topics. There are several scenes that revolve around electoral politics, but one scene really struck me as interesting.

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Episodes 1-2 Recap – Takes All Types to Make An Immortal

For viewers who aren’t familiar with how Frank Underwood became President, Kevin Spacey does an excellent job of providing us some context. He is sitting at his desk in Oval Office and, as he looks out on to Pennsylvania Avenue, he muses about how things started. He shows us video clips from both Season 1 (episode 1-2) and Season 2 (episode 3-4) . . . We see Jim Matthews giving Frank a tour of Gaffney Steel.

Episode 3 Recap – First Impressions Are Deceiving

In the season premiere, we met Democratic nominee Frank Underwood and watched him navigate his way to victory. This week, though, we’re introduced to Will Conway (Joel Kinnaman), Republican nominee for President and challenger to Frank. We start off with a scene reminiscent of what we saw in episode 1: Will is up late at night reading. He seems tired, disheveled and doesn’t appear to be having much fun.

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5 Lessons From The Show

We’ve all seen Frank Underwood make his way up from House Majority Whip to President of The United States, but along the way he’s left quite a few takeaways. If you missed season 5 or just want to reminisce about everything you’ve learned over four seasons, here are five key lessons to remember.

5 Interesting Facts About Alexis Denisof’s Character Renzo Praq (Seasons 4 & 5)

Did you know that Renzo Praq, one of Frank’s adversaries in Season 4, is actually played by a Democrat? Alexis Denisof was born in London to an American father and English mother. He graduated from Brown University with a double major in theater arts and classics. Interestingly enough, his first job out of college was working for Mike Dukakis’s 1988 presidential campaign!

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