The Lincoln Lawyer (2011) is directed by Brad Furman and starring Matthew McConaughey as Mick Haller, the lawyer who represents his clients with his knowledge of the law, his skills in negotiation, and his winning streak in court; Marisa Tomei as Maggie McPherson, Haller’s ex-wife who became a high-powered litigator at a rival firm; Ryan Phillippe as Louis Roulet, the young man accused of rape and attempted murder; Josh Lucas as Detective Raymond Griggs, a detective investigating Elliot’s alleged murder case; William H. Detective Raymond Griggs: The Lincoln Lawyer’s diligent detective

Real Life Inspiration

Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine is a Ugandan-American actor who portrayed Detective Raymond Griggs in several episodes of The Lincoln Lawyer TV series. Detective Griggs was one of many police detectives who investigated and tried to convict attorney Mick Haller on murder charges, due to his involvement in a fatal car accident that killed a prominent Beverly Hills client. In real life, Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine is known for his roles as Robert Kakuzi on Travel Channel’s show Expedition Unknown and as King T’Chaka on Marvel Cinematic Universe film Black Panther. Aside from acting, he has also lent his voice for several video games including Mafia III and World of Warcraft: Legion.

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Small role in the film that made an impact

Before starring in a blockbuster, Mbaho Mwine appeared in one of 2011’s most critically acclaimed films—and one of its smallest roles. In The Lincoln Lawyer, he played Detective Raymond Griggs, who doggedly investigates Louis’s (Matthew McConaughey) alleged murder case before realizing his client is innocent. Though Mbaho Mwine was only on screen for a few minutes at a time, he made such an impact that some critics are campaigning for him to be nominated for Best Supporting Actor.

Detective Raymond Griggs: The Lincoln Lawyer's diligent detective
Detective Raymond Griggs: The Lincoln Lawyer’s diligent detective

As Kermode wrote: I think Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine should be in with a shout [for Best Supporting Actor] – if you see him, it stays with you.

Brief storyline of his role in the film

Raymond Griggs is played by Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine in The Lincoln Lawyer. Detective Griggs comes to see Mick Haller when a witness of his client’s alleged murder dies while giving his testimony. He finds Haller and accuses him of tampering with evidence in order to protect his client; he also alleges that Haller withheld information from him about another character with a role in Elliot Norton’s death, Darby Baldwin. In addition, Detective Griggs states that he believes Baldwin was murdered to keep her from testifying against another suspect.

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Discussion on how he did it all himself despite having no prior acting experience

He didn’t have a dime to his name. He went out of his way to pursue acting, even though he knew it was going to be a bumpy road. And while he eventually would get seen by countless casting directors and eventually land bit parts on TV shows like The Shield and Lincoln Heights, no one ever found his talent worth investing in. He had been told over and over again that he lacked presence, or charisma, or talent — anything that could justify him being given a chance to prove himself as an actor.

Comparisons to another actor who portrayed this character in a different movie

Detective Raymond Griggs is portrayed by Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine in his movie debut in The Lincoln Lawyer. While he does a fantastic job of playing a sleazy and unscrupulous character, it would be hard to compare him to one of his predecessors. For those who have not seen any previous versions of The Lincoln Lawyer, Michael Connelly writes detective novels with much different main characters than Detective Ray Griggs. Greg Kinnear played Mick Haller, a defense attorney whose main character traits included being charming and hilarious; but also greedy and lazy.

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Where is Ntare Mwine from?

Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine is an actor from Zimbabwe. He is best known for his role as Detective Raymond Griggs in The Lincoln Lawyer (2011). He has also appeared in a number of other movies and TV shows including Isidingo (1994), Iliza Shlesinger: Freezing Hot (2016) and Transporter 3 (2008). He attended South Africa’s National School of Arts, and he studied drama at York University in Toronto.

How old is Ntare Mwine?

37 years old in age. He was born on December 6, 1977 in Boston, Massachusetts as Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine. Which makes him 37 years old by age. His sign is Sagittarius and he is 5’11 tall and weighs 183 pounds. He has black hair and dark brown eyes (notably hazel), his ethnicity – black/african american, nationality – american.

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