Hugo Duffy and Mark Stanley were two very different people, who came from very different backgrounds and yet ended up joining the London Metropolitan Police Service around the same time in 2012. When they first met on their first day of training at Hendon police academy, Hugo would never have guessed that within 3 years he would be working closely with Mark on some of the most important cases London has ever seen. And yet this is exactly what happened… Detective Constable Hugo Duffy – An Inexperienced Interrogator With A Hidden Alcohol Addiction

About Mark Stanley

Mark Stanley is a British actor. Stanley graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, then went on to study under Roy London and Ron Silver. His first theater work was a 1991 production of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? His early film credits include Pleasantville (1998), Closer (2004) and 2008’s Burn After Reading.

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His most popular role is Detective Constable Hugo Duffy in BBC One drama series Criminal: UK.

About His Role

Being a criminal investigator on Criminal UK’s Emmy-nominated drama series, Detective Constable Hugo Duffy – played by actor Mark Stanley- is often not as successful as his older colleagues because of his inexperience. However, he always manages to crack cases and get his man. And although he might not be the smartest detective around, what this newest addition to the force lacks in experience he makes up for with guile and intelligence.

Detective Constable Hugo Duffy - An Inexperienced Interrogator With A Hidden Alcohol Addiction
Detective Constable Hugo Duffy – An Inexperienced Interrogator With A Hidden Alcohol Addiction

Part 1 – Background

Hugo Duffy is an experienced but overworked detective constable in the Criminal UK department, who manages to keep his heavy drinking hidden from his colleagues. He’s been with the CID for three years and despite being well liked and respected, he has only two cases to his name- one of which he was told to work on as punishment for a previous mistake.

Part 2 – First Case

Officer Duffy and his partner, Detective Constable Marcus Samuels, had only been partners for six months when they were called to investigate a suspected burglary. It was the first time Officer Duffy had been assigned to a case with DC Samuels. They drove to the victim’s home and found that someone had smashed through the front door, entered the house and taken items from several rooms. The detective asked the officer if he wanted a drink of water, before checking inside for any more evidence.

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Part 3 – The Evidence

Detective Constable Hugo Duffy was the lead interrogator in the case of Graham Turpin and Deborah Houlihan. Unfortunately, he had very little experience in this field, which allowed for inconsistencies in his methods. For example, he conducted a polygraph interview with Turpin and he ordered that he take a breathalyzer test.

Part 4 – Suspect Admits To Crime

Alright, alright. Yes I murdered the girl. She was shouting at me, she was screaming at me. The suspect paused for a moment to compose himself before he continued: And then I just grabbed her and suffocated her to death with my bare hands.

That’s it? said DI Dodds incredulously.

Part 5 – Guilt Or Innocence?

Hugo, who has a hidden alcohol addiction and questionable interrogation skills, is faced with the biggest case of his career. He was partnered with an officer with experience in dealing with child sex abuse cases and they were tasked to find out whether or not a boy’s confessions are valid. One way they determined guilt or innocence was by whether the child seemed to be pressured during questioning.

Detective Constable Hugo Duffy - An Inexperienced Interrogator With A Hidden Alcohol Addiction
Detective Constable Hugo Duffy – An Inexperienced Interrogator With A Hidden Alcohol Addiction

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is solicitor Hugo Duffy in Coronation Street?

Detective Constable Hugo Duffy is the name of a fictional character played by former Coronation Street actor Mark Stanley. He was only in the show for three episodes in 2003 as an inexperienced interrogator with a hidden alcohol addiction, and has never been seen since.

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He first appeared in 2003 as part of the kidnapping storyline involving Becky McDonald and later Steph Dean.

Who is Stanley Merrick-Cohen?

Mark Stanley Merrick-Cohen is the creator of Criminal: UK, a BBC show that first aired in October 2015. He studied law and criminology at university and has always been interested in crime from an analytical perspective. His interest in writing was sparked after he participated in a poetry competition where he was named the winner. Merrick-Cohen began taking classes to improve his writing and succeeded with his first book titled The Black Box when it became the Giller Prize finalist.

Who is Mark Stanley and what did he do?

Mark Stanley is a 53-year-old British-born criminal and TV personality. He has been interrogated by detective constable Hugo Duffy in Criminal: UK on television.

Mark Stanley’s lack of consistency and honesty made it difficult for detective constable Hugo Duffy to get any information out of him without wanting to beat him senseless.

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