Deran Cody, the youngest Cody son, a former competitive surfer who is gay and owns and operates a bar as a legitimate side business in an attempt to distance himself from the Cody family’s criminal activities. He’s on Animal Kingdom (Tuesdays on TNT). Deran Cody : the gay surfer son on Animal Kingdom

The character of Deran

As a gay character on television who is open about his sexuality, Deran has had plenty of storylines since he was introduced to viewers in Season 2 of Animal Kingdom. As E! News recently reported, however, Jake Weary admits that he thinks there’s still a lot more to come from Deran—and it involves setting up an LGBTQ storyline for his character. I think as a network [Animal Kingdom] shows diversity, Weary told us at PaleyFest NY earlier this year when asked about it by another reporter.

Where he stands with his siblings

Jake Weary has seen plenty of growth in his role as Deran Cody on Animal Kingdom. The youngest of five children who have come together to work for their mother after she was released from prison and made parole, Deran is an interesting character to watch. He is a force to be reckoned with in many ways and Jake’s performance in season one was entertaining despite the character’s sinister actions throughout that season’s arc. Despite being only 20 years old at heart (there’s that Australian accent!), Jake was easily believable as a man trying to do right by his older brother — Joshua J Cody — who has raised him since he was very young after their mother left town when they were kids and never returned… until recently.

Deran Cody : the gay surfer son on Animal Kingdom
Deran Cody : the gay surfer son on Animal Kingdom

Where he stands with his father

The Cody family patriarch John (Scott Speedman) and his youngest son Deran (Jake Weary) have a rocky relationship. After Deran left home for college he came out as gay to his conservative father – who isn’t thrilled about it, but loves him unconditionally regardless. However, John has recently taken Deran under his wing after his eldest brother Joshua’s death in season one and more of their strained relationship will be revealed in season two. He also lives with Josh’s widow Hailey (Finn Cole), whom he had been attracted to before her marriage to Josh, though they are just friends.

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Where he stands with his mom

Deran is an outsider in his own family and that comes with a whole slew of problems. However, he’s being forced to grow up fast and maybe it’ll eventually push him back into his family’s business because he needs to survive right now but might not be very happy about it. They don’t like each other, they’ve got different ways of doing things and they have completely opposite perspectives of what they want out of life. It would take something major for them to ever get along in a real way.

How he stands with others

Deran stands a little bit apart from his brothers; they don’t always trust him, or get his way of doing things. But there is one thing he will always have in common with them: They are all Cody after all. We spoke to Jake Weary about what it’s like playing Deran, being gay and one of TNT’s newest stars. Here’s what he had to say.

Deran Cody : the gay surfer son on Animal Kingdom
Deran Cody : the gay surfer son on Animal Kingdom

There is no doubt that TNT has been making waves lately with its fresh lineup of shows, such as The Last Ship and Murder in the First. Now it’s time for viewers to meet yet another dynamic character – Deran Cody (Jake Weary), who appears alongside some impressive actors including Emmy-nominated actress Ellen Barkin (Sea Of Love) and James Wolk (Mad Men). Here’s everything you need to know about TNT’s new show ‘Animal Kingdom’. There is no doubt that TNT has been making waves lately with its fresh lineup of shows, such as The Last Ship and Murder in the First.

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Who are Jake Weary’s parents?

Weary has been appearing in TV and film since he was just six years old. When he was 12, he starred in Jerry Maguire as a young version of Cuba Gooding Jr.’s character, Rod Tidwell’s (Rodney Peete) son Michael Spider Rod Tidwell. Jake is also known for his role as Nick McAlister in Disney Channel’s original series Sonny with a Chance alongside Demi Lovato and Doug Brochu; he played one of Sonny Munroe’s (Demi Lovato) co-stars on her So Random! sketch comedy show and also appeared in two episodes of her singing sitcom Sonny with a Chance as Nick McAlister.

What else has Jake Weary played in?

Jake Weary is a Canadian actor who was born in Edmonton and raised in Toronto. At age 10, he started to model and starred in commercials for companies such as Sony Electronics and KFC before gaining his first television role at age 11 with recurring roles in The New Addams Family (1998), Kung Fu:

Deran Cody : the gay surfer son on Animal Kingdom
Deran Cody : the gay surfer son on Animal Kingdom

The Legend Continues (1997) and Dark Angel (2000). He played Andrew Kim on Degrassi: The Next Generation for six years from 2001-2007. In 2009, he landed his breakout role as Cameron Bale on Pretty Little Liars which aired until 2010.

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Who is the youngest brother in Animal Kingdom?

Deran is a young, smart and athletic brother with a sense of style that is different from his brothers in many ways, due to his being raised in San Diego while they were all raised in Australia. Deran has always been slightly more rebellious than his other brothers because he was not raised around them; he was living his own life and forging himself into an individual before entering a family that already had its members well-established as individuals. He grew up playing competitive surf in San Diego which gave him an edge over his Australian brothers. The tradeoff for living away from home for so long is that it left him less connected to family — when Black Jack died at sea, it was only recently when Deran even learned about it.

Who plays Cyrus PLL?

A typical teen who lives in a coastal town that lives by surfing and running from his own past. He’s caught up with everything going on in his family; he feels like it’s all consuming him and is losing sight of what he loves about life…the beach and surfing. Cyrus is an intelligent kid whose understanding of money has changed him from being a laid back teenager to a man who understands how corruptions can consume your way of living (or not living) and wants to escape that lifestyle for good before it’s too late.

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