When Hollywood producers were looking for a new kung fu panda to star in the upcoming Kung Fu Panda 3, they turned to an unlikely place – YouTube. Enter Della Saba, an adorable panda who began her viral video journey as Veruca Dumont, an clumsy but determined 5-year-old who is always falling down, spilling her milk, and breaking things. Luckily for Della, kung fu panda fans worldwide loved her enthusiastic and endearing performance as Veruca and she was eventually cast in the role of the dragon knight.

How did Della Saba become Veruca Dumont?

Fans of Kung Fu Panda will love learning more about Della Saba’s story and her various transformations. Starting November 14th, iTunes users can explore her journey in detail with the release of Della Saba: Kung Fu Panda the Dragon Knight. This graphic novel-style story tells the tale of how Della Saba became Veruca Dumont, from her humble beginnings as a clumsy kung fu student to her triumphant transformation into a dragon knight. Hard work and dedication are key to becoming a great kung fu student, just like Della Saba. By the end of the story, she has overcome many obstacles and shown her true character – that of a brave and determined kung fu warrior.

Della Saba as Veruca Dumont: Kung Fu Panda the Dragon Knight
Della Saba as Veruca Dumont: Kung Fu Panda the Dragon Knight

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Veruca Dumont’s performance as Della Saba so memorable?

Veruca Dumont’s performance as Della Saba in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is unforgettable because she is very comic relief and her singing voice is amazing.

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In which Kung Fu Panda movie is Della Saba voiced by Veruca Dumont?

The 2009 film Kung Fu Panda. Dumont voiced Della Saba in the English version of the movie.

What does Della Saba do in the movie?

Della Saba was a convent in Rome, Italy.


If you’re a fan of Kung Fu Panda, then you’ll love this latest movie release! With stunning visuals and an exciting story, Della Saba as Veruca Dumont is a must-watch for all ages. In this film, Veruca learns that she is actually a Kung Fu Panda and must fight to save her new home from an evil sorceress named Alice. With excellent costumes and an exciting storyline, this kids’ movie is sure to entertain. So what are you waiting for? Watch Della Saba as Veruca Dumont today!

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