Branagh has directed such films as 1992’s Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, 1993’s Peter’s Friends, 1996’s Hamlet, 2010’s Thor, 2013’s Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, and 2016’s Murder on the Orient Express. He also directed the Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbuster Thor Ragnarok. Death on the Nile to be a 2022 mystery film directed by Kenneth Branagh

New ‘Death on the Nile’ movie – when and where to watch

Now that Disney+ and Hotstar have picked up her last two novels for new adaptations, it’s only fitting Agatha Christie’s most famous heroine is to get her own film. Death on the Nile is coming in 2022, directed by Kenneth Branagh (Captain Marvel) and starring Dev Patel (Slumdog Millionaire). The story was released in 1937 and follows detective Hercule Poirot as he tries to solve a murder while vacationing aboard an Egyptian cruise ship with his friend Anthony Marston.

Everything we know about ‘Death on the Nile’ so far

Death on the Nile will be adapted for both film and television and is set to be released through Disney+ and Hotstar. The screenplay was written by Michael Green, who has previously written screenplays for Blade Runner 2049, Logan, Alien: Covenant, Murder on Orient Express and American Gods. Michael Bay is said to have had a role in developing Death on the Nile as well. (Cnet)

What do we know about ‘Death on the Nile’?

Death on the Nile will have Kenneth Branagh (‘Murder on the Orient Express’) directing and is expected to release in 2022. The movie is slated to be Disney+ Hotstar’s first original production as part of their first slate of programming. They announced several properties that they would produce, including ‘The Paper Magician’ and ‘Seventh Son’; however, there was no announcement about ‘Death on t

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Was this how they saw it in Agatha Christie’s mind?

Agatha Christie, who also wrote The Murder of Roger Ackroyd and Murder on the Orient Express, called Death on the Nile her favorite of all her works. In 1986 she revealed that Death on the Nile was one of two books that she would like to see adapted for theatre or television, along with And Then There Were None.

How will Kenneth Branagh portray Poirot?

As with all other filmed versions of Christie’s mysteries, he will play Hercule Poirot. I’m delighted that Agatha Christie chose me to be Poirot for Disney+ and Hotstar Productions, Branagh said in a statement. Poirot is perhaps my favourite detective, but also one of literature’s most enigmatic characters.

Who will star in ‘Death on the Nile’?

Death on the Nile is going to have a star-studded cast. The movie will be directed by Kenneth Branagh, and its screenplay will be written by Michael Green. It will be produced by Ridley Scott, Judy Hofflund, and Kevin J. Walsh. This movie is set for release in 2022 through Disney+ Hotstar. So, if you are wondering who’s gonna play which role in Death On The Nile, then you should continue reading our post till end.

When will ‘Death on the Nile’ be released?

Disney+ Hotstar will release ‘Death on the Nile’ in 2022. Its screenplay was written by Michael Green, who is well known for writing other films such as ‘Logan’ and ‘Blade Runner 2049’. Though it might seem early, its director has confirmed that filming will start next year. Fans can expect another detective story with their favorite stars in lead roles.

Who will direct ‘Death on the Nile’?

Shortly after Disney+ announced its acquisition of Agatha Christie’s library, it was revealed that Death on the Nile will become a 2022 mystery film. The project is expected to be directed by Kenneth Branagh and produced in conjunction with Ridley Scott and Judy Hofflund. Kevin J. Walsh is set as an executive producer for Disney+. Hotstar has acquired rights for an Indian release, though no director or casting announcements have been made.

Will there be any surprises in store for fans?

Disney has an extensive history of giving viewers exactly what they want. In fact, surprises were invented by Walt Disney. Now that he’s no longer with us, it’s up to new Disney studio heads Kevin J. Walsh and Judy Hofflund to keep up their innovative legacy. Death on the Nile is guaranteed not only to tell fans exactly what they want (more steamy sex scenes than any other movie before), but it will also offer some surprises for die-hard Christie fans as well.

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Why did Disney choose now to adapt this movie?

Disney just closed a deal with Agatha Christie’s estate that gives it access to new material. It is producing 20 movies based on Christie novels, and also produced Murder on the Orient Express in 2017. The original book, published in 1937, is set largely on a boat travelling along Egypt’s River Nile. The Mouse House has previously announced plans for an adaptation of Christie’s first novel The Mysterious Affair at Styles, which will air as part of Disney+’s launch next year.

Disney+ Hotstar’s Death on the Nile Will Give Readers Goosebumps

This is one of my favorite books that I have read in my entire life. The movie will be very exciting as most Agatha Christie’s stories are. I can’t wait for it! It will also include Frozen (2022), which is cool because that movie has an important role in my life. : This is one of my favorite books that I have read in my entire life. The movie will be very exciting as most Agatha Christie’s stories are. I can’t wait for it!

Death on the Nile to be a 2022 mystery film directed by Kenneth Branagh
Death on the Nile to be a 2022 mystery film directed by Kenneth Branagh

Get Ready For A New Murder Mystery By December 2019

The release date for 20th Century Fox’s upcoming installment of Agatha Christie’s famed Miss Marple series, Murder On The Orient Express, has been pushed back for an exciting new reason. As if we needed any more reasons to love them already! According to Deadline Hollywood, there is already development underway for an entirely new Agatha Christie movie starring Academy Award-winning actress Dame Judi Dench.

Director Kenneth Branagh Reveals Details About His New Film Death On The Nile

Last month, we told you that Meryl Streep was in talks for a new Agatha Christie adaptation titled Death On The Nile, which is set to be helmed by Kenneth Branagh. We knew little else about it other than it’s set during World War II and would follow Hercule Poirot as he investigated what appeared to be multiple murders aboard a luxurious riverboat traveling from Egypt down through Africa.

First Official Poster And Promo Artwork For Disney+’s Death On The Nile

Disney just debuted their first official poster and promo artwork for Death On The Nile, which hits theaters in 2022. Based on Agatha Christie’s novel of the same name, it will focus on several passengers aboard an Egyptian riverboat as they are being killed off one-by-one.

Hotstar’s Death On The Nile Adds Three Prominent Stars To Its Cast

Early last year, we had reported that director Kenneth Branagh will bring an adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Death On The Nile to life. We also mentioned that at one point many big names were going to star in it. Well, some months have passed since then and we have news for you about all those big names: three prominent actors have been added to Death On The Nile‘s cast!

Q & A

What made you want to take on Death on the Nile? I’ve been intrigued by Agatha Christie as a writer for most of my life. I think she’s one of our greatest writers, and her work has always stayed with me.

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Will Death on the Nile be streaming?

Yes. The company that owns Agatha Christie’s works, Chorion, is launching its own movie streaming service called Mystery in 2022. As part of an effort to promote it, Death on the Nile will premiere at Mystery Movie Night 2022. After that, it will play exclusively on Mystery Movie Night until 2027 when it will move over to Mystery Streaming Service (see below). Once there, it’ll have its own section with other Agatha Christie movies from around 1930s and beyond.

Is Death on the Nile on Disney plus?

The release date of Death on the Nile is December 13, 2022. It is expected to cost $40 million, making it one of Disney’s most expensive projects. The movie is being produced as an in-house production for Disney. Director Kenneth Branagh will also act as producer along with Judy Hofflund and Kevin J. Walsh.

Where can I see Death on the Nile?

This year’s BookExpo will feature a 20-minute presentation of Death on the Nile, starring Kenneth Branagh as Hercule Poirot and Dame Judi Dench as his assistant Captain Hastings. The movie will also star Tom Bateman as Linnet Ridgeway, Daisy Ridley as Lola Hastings, Armie Hammer as Simon Doyle, Alicia Vikander as Jacqueline de Bellefort, and Javier Bardem in an unknown role.

death on the nile cast ?

Kenneth Branagh, Gal Gadot, Armie Hammer and John Hurt will star in 20th Century Fox’s Death on the Nile , which is scheduled for release in 2022. Joe Wright is attached to direct. Michael Green (Blade Runner 2) wrote the screenplay, which was inspired by Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express. Sources said that changes have been made from Christie’s novel, and that Wright has also been hired to rewrite.

death on the nile book ?

? Death on the Nile is an Agatha Christie novel. It was first published in 1937, and shows evidence of having been written earlier as it refers to events in England at that time. It is set mostly in Egypt and concerns Agatha Christie’s famous detective Hercule Poirot solving a murder aboard a pleasure steamer travelling downriver from Aswan to Cairo. One of its unique features was that each chapter started with an epigraph relevant to its contents, rather than each chapter having its own title.

death on the nile Review ?

Here’s everything you need to know about Death on the Nile, including whether it’s worth seeing or a dud. In addition, we explore how well it connects with other Agatha Christie mysteries. We also find out what critics are saying and share viewer ratings from IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes.

What books are being read by Hercule Poirot in Death on the Nile?

This year marks 120 years since Agatha Christie’s first novel, The Mysterious Affair at Styles, was published. Today is her birthday and there are many great things in store for fans of Dame Agatha Christie. One of those includes news that writer Michael Green (American Gods) will adapt one of her most famous works into a 2022 film for 20th Century Fox starring director Kenneth Branagh as Poirot. Yes, Poirot! Also: We’re getting Death on the Nile next year!

Who plays the French maid in Death on the Nile?

Jessica Chastain has been cast as French maid Marie Vérot in Death on the Nile. The film is currently slated for release in 2022. It is set to be released by 20th Century Fox. Michael Green has written the screenplay, with Ridley Scott and Judy Hofflund serving as producers.

How are the movie and novel of Death on the Nile the same?

The movie and novel of Death on the Nile both tell a story of murder and deception set in 1930s Egypt. Michael Green, who is also writing Disney’s live-action Aladdin, has written a screenplay that stays true to Agatha Christie’s original plot. Ridley Scott will serve as producer of Death on the Nile. The movie version stars Emma Stone, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Max Irons, Robert Langdon Burns, and Rufus Sewell.

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