Darío and Alma, one of the most unforgettable couples from the telenovela Amor Descarado, were two people who were in love but unable to admit it to themselves. Darío was infatuated with Alma, but she couldn’t reciprocate because she didn’t think he was her type (Alejandro Speitzer). However, as the telenovela progressed and Darío proved himself to be an honest, hardworking young man, Alma began to notice him in more than just a platonic way. Darío and Alma a Love Story

A Challenge

Darío is nervous about attending college for many reasons. Darío thinks he’s not good enough for his new classmates or their professor. Alma sees through him from day one. She knows he has it in him to achieve anything he sets his mind to, she can tell by the look in his eyes. That’s why she pushes him so hard; Darío needs her help.

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Alma is Irresistible

Darío Guerra is your average college student—average grades, average looks—until he meets Alma Ravelli in his mechanical engineering class. He starts to fall in love with her until she tells him that she’s married. Darío can’t accept his fate. A friendship develops between them after she asks for help in repairing her car. She makes him come over at night to work on it when her husband is out of town.

Darío and Alma a Love Story
Darío and Alma a Love Story

Falling in Love

Darío is smitten with Alma from their first meeting, but he doesn’t want to reveal his feelings until she shows some romantic interest in him. When he finally has enough courage to act on his emotions, Darío makes a bold move. As they spend more time together, they realize that they have feelings for each other.

A Breakup and New Beginnings

When an engineering student named Alma (Alicia Machado) breaks up with her boyfriend of two years in order to focus on her studies, she begins to see Darío (Alejandro Speitzer), one of her classmates. But how long will their relationship last? And how will she cope when it comes to an end? This novel chronicles two young people in love as they struggle through life.

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