Animal Kingdom is a show that focuses on the Cody family, which includes three brothers and their father, after one of them goes missing. Craig Cody, played by Ben Robson, has been deemed the middle son with a dangerous streak due to his penchant for crime and drug use. Although he’s not the oldest son, he feels the need to live up to his older brother’s expectations while trying to prove himself as an independent adult in his own right. Craig Cody: The Middle Son With A Dangerousstreak

Character Analysis (Strengths/Weaknesses)

Craig has a lot of inner strength and seems to be able to put his demons behind him. However, he also has a history of being in trouble with police. The hard part is that he doesn’t take it seriously; to him, it’s all in good fun. He feels like getting caught is always worth it for a thrill, but he finds himself getting caught over and over again despite his friends and family warning him against doing things like sneaking into raves or selling drugs. This leads Craig on a path of recklessness—but instead of growing up and maturely dealing with these issues (and treating them more seriously), he continues to do whatever he wants without regard for how serious his problems are.

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Background about Black Sheep

Black Sheep is a New Zealand crime drama television series made by Television New Zealand. It was shown on TV One between 26 June 2007 and 22 February 2008 and featured three generations of a family involved in crime, sex and violence. Craig (Ben Robson) is often seen hanging out with his father, Uncles Jason (Raymond Grace) and Wayne (Kevin Smith), as well as his brother Nate (Eamonn Barnett).

Craig Cody: The Middle Son With A Dangerousstreak
Craig Cody: The Middle Son With A Dangerousstreak

He also has an ongoing affair with local policewoman Angela Nicholson (Tandi Wright). Although he gets into plenty of trouble for drug dealing, stealing cars and running from police; his criminal activity is not always considered illegal.

How do the other brothers react?

When you’re a kid, there’s always that one rebellious older brother. In Animal Kingdom, Ben Robson plays Craig, who loves taking risks and breaking rules. It’s no surprise he’s adopted into his wild-child role as part of his family’s gangster routine — but viewers don’t see much of his development beyond that, unlike some of his brothers. (We also don’t know if he has a wife or kids.) But fans want to see him in more scenes with Smurf (Ellen Barkin) — who calls Craig her favorite son — so we can learn more about their relationship.

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Background about Craig Cody

Craig is a wild child, eager to please and manipulate everyone around him. His father’s least favorite of his three boys, Craig has been serving in juvenile detention for his past offenses, but returns home for season two now that his sentence is up. Unlike Darryl and Deran who are more well-mannered than their brother, Craig lives a high-risk lifestyle. He has an unpredictable temper which makes it difficult for people to trust him. However, he loves his family dearly and would do anything to help them out if it came down to it.

Craig Cody: The Middle Son With A Dangerousstreak
Craig Cody: The Middle Son With A Dangerousstreak

How does Sammi feel about him?

Ben Robson spoke with Entertainment Weekly about what’s ahead for Craig in season 2. Cody’s got a lot of issues. He’s probably one of my favorite characters on television at the moment, but he has a very dark side to him, he said. And I don’t know if there are many more extreme experiences that he could go through than being charged with murder. At some point, something’s going to give way. I’ve had death threats come my way over social media, people threatening to kill me over Twitter because they love Craig so much and they’re so angry at me for bringing him down.The actor teased that we’ll find out more about Craig in season 2 and get more insight into his relationship with his family.

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What happens at the end of season 2?

Spoilers are a big deal for Game of Thrones fans, and HBO is taking an interesting approach toward preventing them in Season 8. More specifically, the pay channel is refusing to send screeners of any kind to press outlets — a decision made, according to Variety, after last year’s episodes leaked online shortly after airing. Will you keep up with Game of Thrones without a screeners? And if so, how? Sound off in comments below.

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