Material Design has been making waves across the Android ecosystem, most notably with Google’s own apps. Today, we’re happy to announce that Material You elements are also coming to Chrome! And what better way to show it off than through the new Android Saves For Later feature? Chrome 100 for Android updates with deeper Material You integration

What’s new in Google Chrome version 100
With every release, Chrome strives to get better and faster at displaying your favorite websites. Here’s what’s new in Chrome 100 You can now drag a tab directly into another app or window. When you drag a tab over another app or window it’ll open that app or visit that website within it (if supported by that other app). While you’re dragging, tap Enter on your keyboard or touch & hold on a touch device to move a tab from one browser window into another. Pinch-to-zoom on mobile devices is smoother than ever before.

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What’s new in the Google Duo update?
Google has announced a new update for its video chat app Google Duo. Here’s what’s new and how it affects your phone call experience.

Chrome 100 for Android updates with deeper Material You integration
Chrome 100 for Android updates with deeper Material You integration

Major Updates Coming to Google Maps Section: We Say Goodbye to Inbox
Starting March 2019, Google has decided to say goodbye to Inbox by Gmail. Starting today, you can start using new inbox exclusively. The application has been completely redesigned in collaboration with users and a lot of new features were added: simple navigation system and user friendly interface among others. If you do not have it yet, don’t worry as it will be automatically migrated once you update your app on play store or Apple store. Simply install or update your app right now to get started!

New Gmail Design
Google has started rolling out a complete redesign of Gmail for web users that adds a wealth of new features, including snoozing emails, nudging notifications to remind you to follow up on something and offline support. The company says that it’s still early days and will continue to improve things based on user feedback. The revamped Gmail is designed around Google’s updated Material Design language introduced in Android 5.0 Lollipop and rolled out across other Google apps over the past year.

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