It has been announced today by The British Broadcasting Corporation that Charlie Oscar, star of the medical drama Doctor Who (2005) and the recently released movie Mothering Sunday (2021), will be taking on the iconic role of K-Toscs in the upcoming release of Doctor Who 2022. Oscar will be reprising his role as the beloved alien in the highly anticipated sequel to Doctor Who (2005). Oscar is known for his quiet and reserved demeanor, but with such an epic role ahead of him, it will surely be interesting to see how he will handle himself in front of the camera again after all these years! Charlie Oscar to take on iconic role in Doctor Who 2022!

About Her Role As K-Toscs

I am absolutely delighted and honored to be taking on this iconic role for the next series of Doctor Who, says Charlie. The Doctor is a timeless character who can be played by any gender. I’m really looking forward to working with the team. They are an amazing group of people and it’s been a pleasure so far. With director Alan Perini at the helm, Doctor Who (2022) promises to be one of the most exciting seasons yet. I’m looking forward to seeing how fans react when they see what we have planned for this season, he said before adding: It’s going to be truly epic!

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Charlie Oscar as new Companion

We are thrilled that Charlie Oscar As K-Toscs is taking the iconic role of the new Companion for Doctor Who (2005) from 2020-2021. Having starred in a number of beloved projects, including Mothering Sunday (2021) and Aura (2022), Charlie seems poised to make her mark in this legendary show. I am so excited about being a part of such an incredible series, she said. This is such an amazing opportunity to be part of something so groundbreaking. The rest of the cast includes: David Tennant as The Doctor; Georgia Moffett as Donna Noble; Billie Piper as Rose Tyler; David Morrissey as Lord Victor Claverham-Lennox; Freema Agyeman as Martha Jones; Noel Clarke as Mickey Smith and Yasmin Paige as Amy Pond.

Charlie Oscar to take on iconic role in Doctor Who 2022!
Charlie Oscar to take on iconic role in Doctor Who 2022!

Charlie Oscar set for award-winning director

Charlie Oscar will be taking the lead as K-Toscs for award-winning director of such productions as Mothering Sunday (2021) and Aura (2022). Casting is set to be finalized before the production begins in August 2020. Known for his portrayal of the iconic TV series, Doctor Who (2005), it has yet to be seen how Charlie Oscar fares in the world of directing. So far, he has won an Emmy for his work on Mothering Sunday (2021) but an even more difficult challenge awaits him with this latest endeavour. What he lacks in experience as a director he makes up for with persistence and courage so that even if it may not go perfectly according to plan; this transition is sure to see great success.

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Exclusive interview with the next companion

Charlie Oscar As K-Toscs is a very humble, modest guy. It is hard to imagine him taking on the iconic Doctor Who role of K-Toscs with his personality. The show will air this summer and it has been announced that this will be the last season. Doctor Who 2022 will be all about saving humanity from ultimate destruction, no spoilers here though.

Charlie Oscar’s life and career so far

A London-born actor, director and writer who originally studied engineering before turning his hand to performance. After a string of important supporting roles he was cast as the 12th incarnation of The Doctor in Jodie Whittaker’s first episode as the 13th doctor.

What excites him most about taking up this illustrious role is not only stepping into a character already established by Doctors that have gone before but also being given the opportunity to make it his own.

Charlie Oscar to take on iconic role in Doctor Who 2022!

Other things you didn’t know about Charlie Oscar

1. The Making of Mothering Sunday 2 We’re delighted that Charlie is playing the role of Meg’s father in this sequel, which will be released shortly after Mothering Sunday (a film which he also stars in). Mothering Sunday 2 follows Meg as she prepares for the birth of her first child and learns how to become a mother. It’s set to be the perfect gift for anyone who’s expecting a baby this Christmas.

Frequently asked questions

Who is Charlie Oscar?

In 2005, Charlie became best known for the BBC TV series Doctor Who. He portrayed an old man whom the Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) found frozen in Victorian London with a pre-recorded message from himself instructing the Doctor to find his daughter, Rose Tyler (Billie Piper). The Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi) later contacted him and allowed him to regain life through a makeshift process of fusing his mind with a powerful computer.

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Who are some famous people who work on doctor who?

Doctor Who is a BBC Sci-Fi TV Series that first aired on November 23rd, 1963. The show has had many different actors, of course none more famous than the one and only David Tennant. To date he played the 10th Doctor from 2005-2010. In all 10 series of the show Tennant was met with critical acclaim for his portrayal of the Time Lord known for his witty personality and quick wit along with an affinity for pop culture references and dodgy clothes sense.

Charlie Oscar to take on iconic role in Doctor Who 2022!

Who is doctor who’s Charley?

Doctor Who fans are in for a real treat as we announce that Charley will be the next Doctor Who (BBC). Best known for her roles on Mothering Sunday (2021) and Aura (2022), she also portrayed Dr. Martha Jones and Donna Noble throughout the 10th and 11th series of Doctor Who (2005). Details about her costume and filming schedule have not been released yet, but if you’re excited about this news, why not commemorate it with one of our doctor who shirts?

Could Charlie Oscar become the next Changeling Theatre Apprentice?

Young Charlie Oscar looks set to tread the boards in one of the most beloved roles, that of the eleventh incarnation of The Doctor. Such an achievement would be a dream come true for any young actor or actress and we can’t wait to see what Charlie will bring to the role when he takes up his next major project – playing The Doctor. What could make this accomplishment even more special is if he were cast as one of Gallifrey’s most celebrated figures, The Changeling Theatre Apprentice.

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