Cricket fans rejoice! The Indian Premier League (IPL) has partnered with Snapchat to launch an innovative augmented reality (AR) experience that will allow users to see and interact with the IPL in entirely new ways. With this partnership, the Snapchat AR Lens will feature a fun cricket match between two teams that you can choose to support! Whether you’re an ardent fan of the Kolkata Knight Riders or the Chennai Super Kings, you can now enjoy the thrill of cheering your team on even when you’re not at an IPL game! Celebrate the IPL with a Snapchat AR Lens!

How To Use

1. Download Snapchat and open it up. It will prompt you to take a selfie or video, tap next to continue.

2. Snap your selfie (or video) and save it to your camera roll

3. Open up your phone’s photo gallery, find your saved snap and upload it into our Cricket Lens Creator on lensbuilder.snapchat-ar-dynamiclens-creator

4. Write some witty copy

5. Save as Many Lenses as You Want

6. Share these lenses on social media for free! #cricketlens #indianpremierleague #ipl2019

Celebrate the IPL with a Snapchat AR Lens!
Celebrate the IPL with a Snapchat AR Lens!

The Snapcode

To activate your own, simple go to your front facing camera. Point it towards any cricket stadium and press down on your screen. Hold it there for at least 5 seconds, until you see several exploding fireworks that form into a Snapchat lens logo (it’s fun!). You’ll then be able to drag around in space to create your own selfie cricket game. For now, you can play as Mumbai Indians or Royal Challengers Bangalore through June 6th only; other teams will be added later as well as another game mode option—time attack challenge mode where you have to hit sixes against bowler tosses and much more!

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The Lens

Today, in celebration of Cricket’s biggest stage, we’re excited to introduce our first-ever Indian Premier League (IPL) lens on Snapchat. The dynamic lens is part of our partnership with Spotify for their Cricket Tournament Playlist featuring music from artists and musicians covering cricket matches. To get started, use your finger to pop out these brand new 3D emojis on top of objects around you—and keep swiping between all six, including an animated version of Sachin Tendulkar himself. Our lens will be available until May 31 at 11:59 PM India Time. You can find it by opening your Snapchat camera and tapping on the dog face at left center of your screen or by visiting our Discover channel on Snapchat.

Using AR in a business context

Using augmented reality (AR) in your business can be an effective way to engage customers, raise brand awareness, and boost user experience. Snapchat has recently partnered with Spotify to create an IPL Cricket sponsored lens. This dynamic lens will be available on April 10th from 4pm – 8pm and allow users to show off their cricketing skills.

Celebrate the IPL with a Snapchat AR Lens!
Celebrate the IPL with a Snapchat AR Lens!

This is one of many successful ventures between brands using AR for increased engagement and awareness. As more businesses are beginning to experiment with new technology, it’s important for companies to think about how augmented reality could make a positive impact on their customer interactions and brand marketing strategy.

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How brands use Snapchat

In one of our most popular posts, we highlighted ways brands are using Snapchat to connect with customers and achieve higher engagement than on other social networks. In addition to posting compelling, native stories that have garnered millions of views and hours of watch time, these marketers also use features like filters and lenses for added interactivity. Brands including Wendy’s and MTV are experimenting with innovative uses for both—for example, Burger King (which has been very active on Snapchat) recently set up an in-store camera lens experience around its latest summer release: The $6 million Whopperito sandwich.

How advertisers can benefit from using Snapchat

If you’re an advertiser, tapping into popular events is great way to get users talking about your brand. By using geo-filters and other custom Snap tools, brands can tailor their advertising campaign to individual locations while still making it relevant. For example, Starbucks created a geo-filter that promoted its new Starbox Blonde Roast coffee during last year’s Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Celebrate the IPL with a Snapchat AR Lens!
Celebrate the IPL with a Snapchat AR Lens!

With over 25 million stories viewed from around 20 countries during those games—and approximately 88 million views at 17 of Starbucks’ stores in Rio—Starbucks clearly did something right by leveraging these types of opportunities for advertising purposes.

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How influencers can use this tool

Since Snapchat launched its pioneering Geofilters in 2014, we’ve seen just how powerful their location-based augmented reality technology can be for brands and companies looking to connect with their audience in an innovative way. However, it is only recently that we have been given a glimpse into what AR can do when combined with other mediums. Last month, Snap Inc announced that it will be partnering up with Spotify to bring live cricket fans into a virtual stadium using an augmented reality lens. Now you can place yourself into an interactive Indian Premier League (IPL) Stadium through your Snapchat account and use gestures on your smartphone to cheer or jeer your favorite team as they play on stage.

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