If you had to describe Cazzie David in two words, what would they be? Funny? Pretty? Hilarious? Talented? Funny AND pretty? Though these all apply to the star and creator of the recently wrapped E! series The Hardest Working Woman In Showbiz, they don’t begin to cover all the facets of this multi-hyphenate talent. Cazzie David as Jayme Hargreeves – The Hardest Working Woman in Showbiz

Cazzie’s all grown up

Cazzie David, daughter of Larry David and mother to a five-year-old daughter of her own, has returned to acting in a new Netflix series. Playing Jayme Hargreeves, daughter of Jimmy Hargreeves (Tom Ellis) and sister to Max (Josh Danziger), Cazzie’s character brings an air of mysterious competence to her family’s world.

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From Modern Family to Deadpool 2

Cazzie David Is Becoming Hollywood’s Next Big Thing! IndieWire – June 12, 2018

Why You Should Know Her

Cazzie David, daughter of Larry and Pauline, is an actress and star of HBO’s Barry. She was born June 23rd, 1996. Cazzie has a twin brother named Asher and two younger brothers named Cyrus and Montgomery.

How She Got Started

At a young age, Cazzie David had an enormous love for film and television. At 8 years old, she would beg her parents to take her to see Hollywood films. She even began writing scripts and shooting skits with friends for fun, mimicking what she’d seen on screen. When she was 10 years old, she performed alongside Allison Janney (The West Wing) in her theater production of Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland at Charles Ives Middle School.

Cazzie David as Jayme Hargreeves – The Hardest Working Woman in Showbiz

What We Can Learn From Her

There is more to an actor’s job than just memorizing their lines and turning up on set. For example, Sparrow Number Six has a full-time job working behind-the-scenes for her father’s company, IGH. But before Cazzie took over as head of IGH, she had to prove herself by staying on as an operative with The Fringe Division for nearly a year after being captured by Danko (her own father) and taken prisoner at Styx.

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An Exclusive Interview with Cazzie

My experience working on Preacher was nothing short of surreal. I wasn’t expecting to have a major role, so when I got cast, it was a complete dream come true. We did an amazing job capturing my brother’s vision, and we couldn’t be more proud of our show. My character is such a badass – she’s smart, fun and feisty! What more could you ask for? So what made you want to get into acting?

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