No matter how many times she gets knocked down, Catherine Durant (Jayne Atkinson) just gets back up again and again and again. The Democratic Senator from Louisiana and Secretary of State has taken Scandal fans on an emotional roller coaster ride since the show’s debut in 2012, and with ABC’s decision to renew the show for its sixth season, Scandal has decided to give some of our favorite characters their own spotlight. With that said, here are five of Cathy Durant’s best moments on Scandal so far! Catherine Durant’s Best Moments on Scandal

Cathy Durant: A character you love to hate

Many popular TV characters are ones you love to hate, and Cathy Durant is no exception. In fact, it would be easier to list those who aren’t dead set against her than those who are. Despite being appointed Secretary of State at a very young age, she was unprepared for her new role. Plus, she’s not just anti-American — she’s anti-everything!

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Cathy Durant attacks the press

There have been many times during Season 1 of Scandal that I felt like high-powered lawyer, Catherine Cathy Durant, was about to turn off for good. And in Season 2 Episode 6, when she takes aim at The Washington Herald reporter, Harrison Wright (Columbus Short), she found her breaking point—and it was truly glorious. Too bad he couldn’t see past his personal vendetta and write a fair story about President Fitz Grant (Tony Goldwyn).

Washington is a family

This has been a fascinating season of Scandal, and it’s largely due to how family dynamics have affected its characters. We’ve seen it with Olivia, Abby, Mellie and Fitz — but none more so than with Catherine Durant and her estranged husband. (That would be Jake.) This couple is driving each other crazy in what might be one of my favorite storylines ever. Check out some of their best moments here!

He took my seat

Shonda Rhimes has finally brought a fan favorite back to life. We’re not just talking about Avid, either. On Thursday’s episode of Scandal (9/8c, ABC), it was revealed that former Secretary of State Catherine Cathy Durant had been revived from her death via viral video and D.C.

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The right person in the right place at the right time

Catherine Cathy Durant has always been good at her job; she’s no stranger to success. From being a CIA agent and analyst, to working in politics, Cathy has proven herself time and again. She is dedicated, meticulous, honest—and ambitious.

Catherine Durant's Best Moments on Scandal
Catherine Durant’s Best Moments on Scandal

I got your back. I owe you that much

I’m sorry. I’m sorry for putting you in a position to have to kill Agent O’Connor, and that I wasn’t able to give you more time with your daughter. Look, we all do what we think is right and hope that it ends up good. That’s all anyone can ask of themselves. I just didn’t realize how little time I had left.

Chapter 14 (Season 1)

When she tells Mellie Grant that her days as First Lady are numbered. If a woman can’t trust her husband, why would anyone else? And it totally set up Olivia to bring Fitz down. . . just not with whom you’d originally thought!

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How was we are going to explain her death? (Season 4)

Cathy was killed when she went up against Frank in an election. She was stabbed to death by a woman that she had screwed over in her political career. There are a lot of reasons why Cathy is my favorite character, but I will have to pick just one: Scandal has been great at creating female characters who you either love or hate – there isn’t much of a middle ground.

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