One of the latest augmented reality lenses Snapchat has rolled out to users over the past few months is the Cartoon Kid Lens, which allows you to see yourself or your friends as cute little cartoon kids using your smartphone’s camera and AR capabilities. But what exactly does this new lens do? How does it work? This article will explain the ins and outs of this fun lens, including how to use it and where to find it in Snapchat’s different lens hubs! Cartoon Kid Lens: How to Use Snapchat’s Latest AR Feature

Cartoon Kid Lens: How to Use Snapchat’s Latest AR Feature

What is the newest lens?

This new lens is by far the cutest one we’ve seen yet! First you take a picture of yourself and then tap on the screen. A cartoon kid will appear in front of your face and you can use different features of their face to change your appearance. For example, tapping on the nose will make it larger or tapping on the eyes will change their color. This lens is just so much fun and we hope that more like this come out soon because it’s a lot of creativity with not much effort.

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How does it look?

The Cartoon Kid lens is a fun option for those who want something different. After the user selects it, they’ll see a little cartoon version of themselves in their camera viewfinder. Their eyes will also turn into animated hearts, and they’ll be wearing a cute red bow on their head. It’s perfect for snapping selfies with friends and family! When activated, you can move your phone around to control what the animation does in front of you.

Does it change my face color?

Yes, this lens turns your face into a cartoon-like color. You can change your skin color, hair color, and eye color with this lens. This is a great way to change up your everyday look! Who doesn’t want to turn their boring brown eyes green? Or purple? When you use the reverse feature of this filter, it inverts your colors making everything black and white except for the things you are touching. I tried the different color combos and I think that my favorite one was changing my hair from blond to brown (with a lavender background). It made me feel like I had red hair (even though I don’t) but in reality, my blond still shined through so it was cool!

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Are there any special ways of taking photos with this lens?

This lens is activated by tapping and holding on your face. You can move around and the effect will be different depending on where you are. For example, if you’re in a car, it looks like you’re driving with all the other cars whizzing by outside. If you’re in a restaurant, it looks like there are people sitting around tables, eating their food with an occasional person walking past. This is just one of many possible examples of how to make use of the lens!

What are users saying about the new lens?

The popular app, Snapchat, has just released a new lens feature which allows users people to turn themselves into cartoon kids. Snapchat is always coming up with new and interesting ways for people to use their lenses and they think the new cartoon kid lens will be just as popular as the rest of their lenses. This new feature can be used on any photo or video but it is best used with selfies.

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This is so cool! said one user who tried out the new lens.

Cartoon Kid Lens: How to Use Snapchat's Latest AR Feature
Cartoon Kid Lens: How to Use Snapchat’s Latest AR Feature

Where can I find more information about the new lens from Snap Inc.?

The newest lens on SnapChat is the Cartoon Kid Lens. The new lens was released with a partnership with Nickelodeon and features Spongebob Squarepants and other characters from the popular children’s TV show. To use the new lens, open up your SnapChat app and tap on the little face button on the bottom left of your screen. This should bring up a list of lenses you can choose from. Tap the box that says More Lenses in order to see all of your options. Tap Get More Lenses by Zip Code and enter an address or zip code. A map will pop up with locations around where you live that offer these lenses for purchase. Scroll through all the available locations until you find one near where you live, then click on it!

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