Captain America isn’t just one of the Avengers — he’s the heart and soul of them all. Captain America has been fighting crime since before many members of the team were even born, so he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to each battle with supervillains that threatens humanity as we know it. But Captain America’s best quality by far is his unbreakable spirit, which gives him an unstoppable determination to do what’s right, no matter how impossible the odds may seem. Captain Americas Unstoppable Transformation

The Super Soldier Serum Captain Americas Unstoppable Transformation

In a bid to produce an army of unstoppable soldiers, Dr. Abraham Erskine agreed to work with Nazi geneticist Josef Mengele on a Super Soldier Serum (also known as Vita-Rays). When injected into a subject, it would enhance their physical capabilities and temporarily neutralize any form of illness or disease in their body.

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The Vita-Ray Accelerator

By subjecting Rogers to a vita-ray bombardment, his physical parameters were boosted to the highest possible human level, augmenting his strength, speed, agility and reflexes beyond even peak Olympic levels. This process caused Rogers’ physiology to be completely transformed; although he was still a normal human being, nearly every cell in his body had been enhanced. The serum stimulated cells at a genetic level so that they would produce more energy than normal.

Strength Training Captain Americas Unstoppable Transformation

Steve Rogers used weightlifting and other forms of resistance training to build his body. If you’re trying to be Captain America in real life, you can mimic his workout by focusing on exercises that use your own body weight as resistance like push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups and crunches.

Bodyweight Exercises

To transform from a scrawny weakling to a muscular Captain America, Steve Rogers had to do push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups. He also ran daily and incorporated weights in his workouts. Lifting weights helped bulk him up and make him stronger for combat. To further increase his upper body strength, he did single arm dumbbell rows and overhead presses for more power with smaller loads.

Captain Americas Unstoppable Transformation
Captain Americas Unstoppable Transformation

Flexibility Training

Steve Rogers was introduced to physical education by his father and was an exceptional athlete even before being enhanced. As Captain America, Rogers continued to pursue a physically active lifestyle, now including extensive martial arts training, gymnastics and acrobatics as well as hand-to-hand combat training with expert military trainers in multiple fighting styles.

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Endurance Training

If you’re in need of a superpower, here’s one to add to your list: endurance. That’s because regular exercise is a surefire way to boost energy, strength and stamina for everyday life. Just like with any superpower, it takes practice to develop these superpowers so you can use them at will. To help get you started on your superhero training, we rounded up several great ways to increase your endurance without spending all day in the gym.

Cardio Training Captain Americas Unstoppable Transformation

Strengthening your heart through exercise is important for any good fitness plan. Exercise like running, bicycling and swimming are great ways to improve cardiovascular health. However, to get Captain America’s buff look, you need a lot more than just running on a treadmill or pedaling away on a stationary bike. One of Chris Evans’ favorite cardio routines is circuit training with kettlebells, using exercises that work multiple muscle groups simultaneously to really fire up his metabolism.

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