It’s easier than you think to change your Gmail password on Android, iOS, and PC! Simply follow the steps below and you’ll be able to change your Google password in no time! Can’t Remember Your Gmail Password? Here’s How to Change it on Any Device

Step 1: Visit the Account Recovery Page

Visit the account recovery page and click the link that says I don’t know my password.

Type your email address and press continue.

Select a security question from the drop down menu, enter your answer, and hit continue. You will then be asked to provide alternate contact information in case we can’t get back into your account. Provide an email address where we can reach you and tap submit. In order to prove you’re really you, you’ll need to answer the security question or upload a picture of yourself using your phone camera or webcam.

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Step 2: Enter your Email Address

Type your email address into the box and click Next. Enter your old password and type in your new password. You’ll have to enter a verification code that will be sent to the email address you just typed in. Click Change password and then Done. Now go to your browser, log in, and use the new password! If you’re having trouble remembering your password, we recommend changing it right away. It will make logging in much easier later on!

Step 3: Choose a New Password (Optional)

After entering your new password and confirming it, tap Done. You’ll be logged in with the new password. Next time you enter your email address and password, you’ll need to use the new one. If you want to go back to your old password, just repeat these steps using your original Gmail login information. What are some easy ways to remember a strong password? Write down a memorable sentence that uses a phrase or sequence of words (like I love chocolate) and add numbers, symbols, or capital letters. Use the first letter of each word in your sentence as the letters in your password (I love choc8te).

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How do I change my account name?

Step 4: Confirm your new password

Once you’ve confirmed your new password, you’ll be sent back to the Sign In page and will be able to log in with your new credentials. Congratulations! You’re now the proud owner of a shiny new password. You can change your passwords on any device from here—you don’t need to go through this process again. But if you are still having trouble remembering passwords or logging into accounts, try using a password manager app like LastPass or Dashlane!

Can't Remember Your Gmail Password? Here's How to Change it on Any Device
Can’t Remember Your Gmail Password? Here’s How to Change it on Any Device

Step 5: Reactivate your account.

After following the steps above, you’ll be prompted to re-enter your email address. Once you’re logged in, you’ll see a message with a link to confirm your account. Click the link and enter your password again. Congratulations! You’ve successfully changed your Gmail password on Android, iOS, or PC! Now is a good time to go through all of your accounts that use the same login information as Gmail to change their passwords too. If any of them have security questions associated with them, now would also be a good time to change those answers too if they are out of date or easy for someone else to answer.

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(Bonus) Protect yourself against hackers with Authenticator App.

If you’re not using a password manager, you should be! It’ll make your life easier and protect you against hackers. Authenticator is an app that uses two-factor authentication to give you peace of mind when logging in online. You can set up the app by installing it on your phone, creating a username and password for the service, scanning QR codes with the Android or iOS camera app or entering them manually on any device. Then enter your email address (or create one) and wait for the verification link to arrive in your inbox.

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