In the new legal thriller movie The Lincoln Lawyer, Robert Cardone (played by Carlos Bernard) is the Los Angeles District Attorney running for re-election against his main opponent, Victor Cole (played by Craig Bierko). Cardone’s campaign manager persuades him to try and generate some good press by taking on a high-profile case, which gives Cardone the opportunity to lead his own investigation and cross-examine witnesses himself in front of the jury. But will he win the case? Or will this be his biggest mistake? Can Robert Cardone Win The Lincoln Lawyer’s Case?

Los Angeles may be the most important character in The Lincoln Lawyer.

In Frank Darabont’s adaptation of Michael Connelly’s novel, Matthew McConaughey plays Mick Haller, a slick defense attorney who spends most of his time behind a wheel trying to land new clients. Based in a Lincoln Town Car (and later riding shotgun with his investigator and sometimes-bodyguard played by Marisa Tomei), Haller sets off on various wild goose chases looking for witnesses or keeping tabs on potential threats to his cases. But it’s Los Angeles that serves as Haller’s best tool: he knows all its twists and turns like a top attorney should, even if he might not be able to handle life outside of them very well.

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A look at Robert Cardone, played by Carlos Bernard.

Robert Cardone is an ambitious Los Angeles district attorney running for re-election. When his team brings a case against a high profile criminal, it’s one that could make or break his campaign. He turns to Michael Mick Haller, played by Matthew McConaughey, for help. Mick is not your average courtroom lawyer – he works out of his Lincoln Continental and often represents clients who can’t afford a proper defense.

Can Robert Cardone Win The Lincoln Lawyers Case?
Can Robert Cardone Win The Lincoln Lawyers Case?

With ample amounts of charm and wit, he uses both to represent his clients in court and defend himself from what is thrown at him outside of it – including family issues and an old flame who may be getting back into politics herself…

Get to know Morris Moe Prudhomme, played by Michael Peña.

Micheal Peña, 47, is an actor who first got his big break in a 2001 episode of Law & Order. This was followed by roles in a number of films that included Crash, World Trade Center and Idiocracy. He also had small roles on TV shows such as Charmed and its spinoff show, Charmed: The Series. In 2011 he started portraying Morris Moe Prudhomme in FX’s drama series The Shield, which ended in 2014. Peña currently stars as Hank Lawson on USA Network’s show Queen of the South. He also played David Bernardo alongside Ray Liotta in John Wells’ 2009 film about serial killer Andrew Cunanan.

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Meet Wild Bill McNeary (Matt Letscher)

Wild Bill is a crooked, mobbed-up, corrupt and sleazy District Attorney who is running for re-election. With an almost unlimited amount of money and political connections, McNeary can’t be beat; but he has one major weakness—Robert Cardone (Carlos Bernard). While on a stakeout together several years ago, Rob and Wild Bill got caught in a shoot out. Rob ended up killing all but one of the bad guys and was hailed as a hero. This did not please Wild Bill because he wanted to take credit for putting them away—and now he wants revenge. To get back at Rob, Bill filed trumped up charges against him in an attempt to ruin his chances at getting elected again.

Can Robert Cardone Win The Lincoln Lawyers Case?
Can Robert Cardone Win The Lincoln Lawyers Case?

Dive into Michael Mancini (Ryan Phillippe)

Although Michael has taken over his father’s practice, he spends most of his time dealing with less salacious matters such as real estate transactions and corporate law. His work ethic and reputation are impeccable, but he lacks one key element: fame. To achieve political success in Los Angeles, you have to be famous—or at least infamous. Michael Mancini doesn’t have a juicy enough reputation or high-profile clients to help him win an election for DA against three strong opponents.

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Step into Louis Roulet (Ryan Phillippe)

You’ve just seen Robert Cardone (Carlos Bernard) in action in The Lincoln Lawyer: a polished public speaker, well-liked by his staff and constituents, and a man who seems to genuinely care about his job. However, some have said that he lacks balls and doesn’t really have any convictions. Well, maybe they should ask Louis Roulet (Ryan Phillippe). While you may believe it is true that money can buy justice in America, but can it buy an acquittal when your lawyer’s claim of self-defense is based on fantasies of necrophilia? Even if he wins, will he be able to handle himself with dignity when he realizes how much damage his false testimony has caused?

Look into Maggie McPherson (Marisa Tomei)

Understand Frank Levin (Bill Cobb)

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