If you were to pitch Bullsh*t The Gameshow as a reality TV show, you’d probably describe it as Survivor meets the Price Is Right, where contestants have to correctly answer difficult trivia questions before they can win the right to advance their standing by answering one that’s easier. However, the reality of Bullsh*t The Gameshow isn’t quite what was described in that pitch meeting. In fact, it’s not even close… Bullsh*t The Gameshow Is Exactly What You Thought It Was


Netflix has given us many things over its 10+ years of operation—the joy of instant gratification, a tantalizing resume destination for aspiring filmmakers and writers, a hilarious sitcom starring an anthropomorphic raccoon. But what it’s most recently given us is an idea that was so good we had to change it very little: Bullsh*t The GAMESHOW. Get ready for your next Netflix addiction.

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Meet the contestants

Tim (co-founder of Netflix) and Jared (president of a non-profit organization) are contestants on Bullsh*t The Gameshow, a hilarious parody reality show. Throughout each episode, Tim and Jared will compete against other contestants in order to win money for charity. Tim is a huge fan of bullsh*tting (hence his nickname), so he’s been training extensively. He’s prepared for any situation that comes his way. As for Jared?

Where do they get these weird questions?

If a contestant is unable to correctly answer a question, he or she must make up an answer that would work. These made-up answers usually lie somewhere in between reasonable and totally crazy. Producers then ask contestants to rate each other’s lies on a scale of one to five bullhorns (thus, Bullsh*t). Players who give honest answers are often put in situations where they get penalized—i.e., sent back home with nothing.

Asking tough questions shouldn’t be this fun

What should be a serious game show packed with drama and tension often is nothing more than an opportunity for contestants to guess random facts about pop culture. However, thanks to some clever editing and expertly-crafted questions, Bullsh*t — which originally aired on ABC in 2001 — flipped that script. If a contestant couldn’t answer a question correctly, they had to answer another question—any other question. Those answers didn’t have to be correct either; they just had to sound good.

Bullsh*t The Gameshow Is Exactly What You Thought It Was
Bullsh*t The Gameshow Is Exactly What You Thought It Was

This show is the embodiment of everything we love about the internet right now

random, funny, and most importantly: stupid. With an all-star cast of comedians that are more than ready to tear apart contestants for a good laugh, Bullsh*t The Gameshow is one of those rare gems that seems to have come out of nowhere, but in actuality has been years in development. We love it so much we’re willing to overlook its glaring flaws (that will undoubtedly be fixed in season 2). For now, just enjoy it while you can.

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Contestants on ‘Bullsh*t The Game Show’ can win $1 million

Anyone can play ‘Bullsh*t The Game Show’—but only one contestant can walk away with $1 million. In order to become a contestant, call your local cable or satellite provider and request a subscription to Bullsh*t The Game Show. In most areas, providers will offer you a free trial that lasts for at least one week.

Season 1 coming on 27 April

Bullsh*tTheGameshow is a new reality TV show that will be hitting your television screens (and monitors and phones) in late April. In it, contestants must answer challenging trivia questions. And when they don’t know an answer, they can choose to bullshit their way through, lie about what they do or don’t know. Needless to say, Bullsh*tTheGameshow has already caused outrage from some of its potential audience. But what do you think?

Honesty may be a virtue

But sometimes, we just want to be told what we want to hear. On Bullsh*t! contestants get just that. From time to time, a contestant may answer a question truthfully and incorrectly–but there’s no worry about them getting booted out of the game. They don’t have to live with their own insecurities or fears of inadequacy; they can simply move on to another topic where they are more likely to win!

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 game show hosted by Emmy nominee Howie Mandel

contestants strive to correctly answer difficult trivia questions. But when they can’t, they simply move on to plan B: Crap out a response as quickly as possible! This is Bullsh*t! And it’s exactly what you thought it was.We go behind-the-scenes with host Howie Mandel to discover how he and his team create some of TV’s craziest moments…and we try our hand at creating them ourselves.

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