The BBC television series Bridgerton began in 2008 and aired three seasons over the next five years, bringing to life the Bridgerton family and their various romantic entanglements. The protagonist of the series was Penelope Featherington, the eldest daughter of Sir Richard Featherington and Lady Violet Featherington of London. Bridgerton’s Archibald Baron Featherington: The Patriarch of the Featherington Family

This old man came rolling home

Ben Miller will reprise his popular role in Downton Abbey as Lord Robert Crawley’s (played by Hugh Bonneville) second son and Branson’s brother-in-law, Henry. Miller will appear on both series—Downton and its American counterpart, which stars Elizabeth McGovern as Cora Crawley and premieres Jan. 6—and play an integral part in her move to America and joins her there. The British actor has two Golden Globe nominations under his belt for his roles in Benidorm and Death in Paradise. He was a recurring character in Showtime’s Homeland, playing CIA agent Peter Quinn; he also starred opposite John Travolta on BBC One’s Welcome to Sarajevo.

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A good dad should always be there for his children

In addition to his military career, Archibald was a good husband and father. He always made time for his children and wife. And when he lost his family on a fateful evening in Paris, he kept his word that they would not be forgotten. One great way to honor our fathers is to keep their memory alive in one way or another — just as Ben Miller did by creating Ben Miller’s Fatherhood Project! To find out more about how you can get involved with Ben Miller’s Fatherhood Project, click here!

Bridgertons Archibald Baron Featherington: The Patriarch of the Featherington Family
Bridgerton’s Archibald Baron Featherington: The Patriarch of the Featherington Family

He taught his sons everything they needed to know

We were introduced to two of his children in season one. His oldest son Max and youngest daughter Isolde have taken on their father’s stubborn and opinionated personality along with their mother’s ability to see what is truly important in life. But Max, who inherited his father’s outgoing personality, has found a new way to live up to his last name as he strives for popularity amongst London society by opening up a successful art gallery. Isolde was always a daddy’s girl, who inherited his kindness and sensitivity.

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His legacy lives on in his children even after he was gone

This season we saw love blossom and relationships deepen between Archibald’s children. Since his death we have seen Rosemary (Caitriona Balfe) and Benedict (Harry Richardson) grow stronger with their own plans to marry. Even Janey and Freddy (Ella Purnell) seemed close after all these years as they prepared for their new life together in America. The Bridgertons will always be a dynamic family that is a force to be reckoned with. However, without its patriarch at its head things may never be quite the same again even though he lived on through his children long after he was gone.

ben miller

This has been an interesting few weeks for myself and other cast members from Call The Midwife, firstly because our final episode (up until Christmas) aired on BBC One recently. I’ve seen numerous people say on social media that they missed us already which is nice to hear so thank you all for that.

Bridgertons Archibald Baron Featherington: The Patriarch of the Featherington Family
Bridgerton’s Archibald Baron Featherington: The Patriarch of the Featherington Family

lord featherington actor season 2

George Bridgerton (Ben Miller) is back and just as devious as ever. As in previous seasons Ben Miller shines in his role as the overzealous patriarch of an aristocratic family who will stop at nothing to have what he wants – even if that means sacrificing his youngest son for a place in parliament. While Martin (Greg Wise) and Rupert (Alexis Bledel) may come from generations of politicians, there is one small problem with their father’s plan – Benedict (Matthew Goode) has absolutely no interest or desire to be anything other than a scholar.

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rupert young

Matthew Macfadyen as Sebastian Seb Mountford (season 2), second son and favorite child of Benedict and Harriet Mountford. He is notable for his height, standing six feet seven inches tall.

who plays lord featherington in bridgerton season 2

Bridgerton is an adaptation of Julia Quinn’s novels that took America by storm in 2001 and 2002. With five Bridgerton books to its name, it quickly became a much-loved romance novel series and was adapted into both a British mini-series and TV show that’s popular across Britain.

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