A new season of Bridgerton, an upcoming American TV series based on Julia Quinn’s novel series of the same name, premieres tonight at 8 pm EST on the Hallmark Channel. As an avid Julia Quinn fan, I was excited to see what they had in store for us this season, so I went through all five episodes of Season 2 and took notes as to what fans can expect when it comes to Lady Mary Sharma’s character development and interactions with other characters this season (I’m avoiding spoilers here!). Here are my thoughts! Feel free to share your own in the comments section! ? Bridgerton Season 2: Meet Lady Mary Sharma

Shelley Conn as Lady Mary Sharma

Bridgerton fans have already been introduced to actor Colin Firth as Anthony Bridgerton and Harry Hadden-Paton as Benedict Bridgerton. On November 3, they’ll meet Bridgertons number three, four and five when Shelley Conn, Rachael Stirling and Zoe Tapper take on their roles.

All About Me

So who is Shelley Conn? She’s probably most well-known for her role on Fox’s short-lived TV show, ‘Terra Nova.’ Most recently, you may have caught her in Showtime’s ‘Masters of Sex,’ which revolves around Masters and Johnson’s famous research project on human sexuality at Washington University in St. Louis during their collaboration with prostitutes, a neurological patient known as Little Albert, and jail inmates. Or maybe you saw her playing Kitty Bennet in an episode of PBS’ ‘Downton Abbey.’ If you didn’t catch that one, don’t worry. You’ll definitely want to see where she’s headed next!

Bridgerton Season 2: Meet Lady Mary Sharma
Bridgerton Season 2: Meet Lady Mary Sharma

Love At First Sight

Seeing Lord Anthony Bridgerton (Jeremy Irvine) again after a five-year absence is like love at first sight for Lady Mary Sheffield (Shelley Conn). Well, you can’t blame her. The man is dreamy and devilishly handsome. But he also broke her heart when he left for Spain five years earlier without saying goodbye. Now that she’s back in London, there’s no telling whether or not he’ll be able to win her over. Although she did just marry another man…

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The Wedding Day

It was a beautiful May evening, filled with an air of fragrant perfume and anticipation. Lady Bridgerton had just sent her first-born son over to Danbury Park, where he would be shortly meeting his future bride. It’s not hard to imagine how she must have felt at that moment. A moment that perhaps marked one of those epic turning points in any mother’s life—the day when you hand your child off to another person in order for them to raise him or her into a full-fledged adult. An occasion on which you relinquish any and all control over their personal, educational, financial and emotional destiny.

I’m Pregnant!

After three years of marriage and a few months of fertility treatments, Lady Mary announces to her husband, Jeffery that she is pregnant. But soon after, she reveals that it’s not only good news. She informs him that he is going to be a father but it is her brother Henry’s baby, who had an affair with his wife. This news is painful for Jeffery as he had been unfaithful as well in Paris when he got drunk one night with friends and ended up having an affair with another woman. Though infuriated by her infidelity, Jeffery deals with it by doing what he does best and putting his emotions on hold.

Baby, Don’t Kill My Vibe

There are a lot of benefits to watching period dramas, but what’s truly unique about them is that they allow viewers to what if on a grand scale. The characters in these types of shows often find themselves in romantic entanglements with other characters (and sometimes even within their own families) and viewers are allowed to experience how different life would be if things had happened differently. As an added bonus, these types of stories also provide some insight into social mores and cultural aspects of years past. If you’re looking for a way to get swept up into a new world without having to start from scratch, then turn on your favorite period drama and let your imagination do its thing!

Bridgerton Season 2: Meet Lady Mary Sharma
Bridgerton Season 2: Meet Lady Mary Sharma

I’m Gonna Be A Brother

Everyone remembers when Anthony Bridgerton (Julian Morris) proposed to Prudence Allen (Margaret Colin) at gunpoint, but we were introduced to a new Bridgerton couple in season two. The newlyweds are Lord and Lady Sheffield (Martin Jarvis and Shelley Conn). Yes, it’s true; after five seasons with little to no movement on their romantic storyline, it was time for a new generation of love in London! And yes, we couldn’t be happier about it. If you have questions about everyone’s favorite eligible bachelor couple of 2013 then look no further than here. I’ve gathered some intel on just who our new heroine is!

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Parenthood Isn’t For Cowards

For Charlotte Bridgerton, falling in love isn’t in her plans. A young widow, she’s dedicated herself to raising her son with as much strength and kindness as her husband would have wanted. But then a fortune-hunter comes calling, and if it weren’t for one meddlesome gentleman who claims that he knows exactly who she is when no one else does… there might be hell to pay. In fact, there is hell to pay—and Charlotte will make sure that everyone pays up. Bridgerton Season Two premieres on Hallmark Channel July 14 at 9/8c! Featuring Shelley Conn (The Borgias) as Lady Mary Charlie Sheffield.

These Days Are Old Days Now

One of my favorite things about The Bridgertons is that they always come together and support each other in times of trouble. (And if you think I’m talking about romantic relationships, hold that thought…) As we saw at Dash’s wedding, Sybil is struggling a bit with Henry. He seems to be struggling a bit too—as he says himself when Alex gives him a boot to help him out of his slump. So, it was so nice for everyone to come together again for Georgiana and Rushden’s wedding! (Side note: In case you were wondering how these two characters met and started dating?

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Q & A

What If?

What if there’s something better out there for you? When will you stop wasting time being with someone who doesn’t deserve your affection? If it’s not too late, I want to share some thoughts with you about why you should break up with him and start dating a man who is perfect for you. Here are my thoughts about better men and how to find them. Hope it helps!

Who is Lady Mary SHARMA in Bridgerton 2?

I play Lady Mary, who is Robert Bridgerton’s (played by Colin Firth) sister and Anthony Bridgerton’s (played by Matthew Goode) wife. It is a huge honor to be playing in such iconic shoes of these amazing women that I have watched for so many years. Thank you fans for being patient with me as we get started on season two!! XOXO, Shelley Conn aka The Countess of Sheffield aka Mrs.

Who plays the Sharma mother in Bridgerton?

Tilly (née Clifford), played by Gillian Kearney, is Poppy’s mother and Leo’s grandmother. She makes her first appearance in Series 1, Episode 3 and she plays a significant role until Series 5, Episode 6 when she dies of old age at 99 years old.

Is Lady Mary Indian in Bridgerton?

Yes, not only is she Indian, but she’s one of three brown women in a cast of about 30. That’s kind of unheard of for a period drama. While it’s wonderful to have so many South Asian performers in one show, I wondered if their characters would be pigeonholed into roles that normally belong to East Asian actresses—the geisha girl or dragon lady stereotypes.

What did Lady Sharma do in Bridgerton?

I’ve always wanted to be a lady of leisure, said Shelley Conn, who stars as Lady Mary (née Sheffield) in season two of The Bridgertons. And while she wouldn’t mind having her own house in London and a cottage in Yorkshire, she’s enjoying playing an American heiress with those luxuries.

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