The new season of Bridgerton has a lot of fans excited, but no one more so than fans of the series’ newly cast addition, actress Simone Ashley, who will be taking on the role of Kathani in season 2 of Bridgerton. So who exactly is Kathani? What can we expect from this new character in Bridgerton? And what do we know about Simone Ashley’s portrayal of Kathani? Let’s take a look! Bridgerton Season 2: Everything We Know About Simone Ashley’s Character Kathani

Characters and Cast

Bridgerton Cast, Kathani (Simone Ashley), Beatrix Bridgerton (Saskia Reeves), Mary Bennet (Danielle Tabor) , Anthony Bridgerton – Viscount Bridgerton (Carson Beckett), Leo Bridgertor – Earl of Mallen, Benedict Bridger – Viscount Brooksby and Olivia Bowen. All other cast will be announced when they are finalized. ***Anthony may have to drop out due to work committments. If he does he will be replaced by Gavin in season three*** Also Joss Ackland is rumoured to be playing Richard Forrester in season one and David Starkey is rumoured to play William Forrester in season two.

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What we know about Kathani

She was married at age sixteen to Anthony Bridgerton, Viscount Bridgerton (Dominic Cooper), who is twenty years her senior. In her first few scenes in season two, viewers will see that she is a kind-hearted woman with a natural affection for animals and children. She also appears to be polite, but naive and innocent when it comes to men, given how quickly she was able to develop feelings for Anthony after meeting him again only once. Although we have not yet seen any other scenes of her interacting with characters outside of her husband, I think we can safely assume that she is willing to be friends with others easily and has a general interest in getting to know people. Overall, I am excited about seeing more of Kathani on screen!

Bridgerton Season 2: Everything We Know About Simone Ashleys Character Kathani
Bridgerton Season 2: Everything We Know About Simone Ashley’s Character Kathani

Dramatic Plotlines for The Second Series

A tale as old as time…or perhaps as old as reality TV? Yes, according to Life & Style Weekly, That ‘70s Show costars Milano and Ashton Kutcher are dating again. They’ve been out with friends a few times already and it’s going well, an insider tells Life & Style. It might be another on-and-off relationship for them like before, but for now they are just having fun seeing each other when they can. Both of them had good chemistry and were having a good time together. It is definitely not an exclusive relationship or anything serious yet.

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Gossip on the Go

Everyone loves a good gossip (yes, even me), and there’s something about TV series that gives us a taste of that lifestyle. From Dynasty to The Affair, fans always want to know which celebrities are going to be popping up in our favorite shows. And if you’re anything like me, you probably go through every cast list for each new season with a fine-tooth comb. Last week, it was revealed that Love Island star Sophie Gradon will be joining season two of Bridgerton as Kathani Sharma—which is set to premiere on December 4th. Who is she? Where did she come from? Why do I already have an emotional investment in her love story?

Bridgerton Season 2: Everything We Know About Simone Ashleys Character Kathani
Bridgerton Season 2: Everything We Know About Simone Ashley’s Character Kathani

Behind-the-Scenes Tidbits From The Set

With season two fast approaching, we wanted to make sure you’re all caught up on everything you need to know about Bridgerton. After all, who wants to tune in for their first episode of season two and be completely lost? So here are some fun bits from filming season one that might help you on your rewatch journey. The cast read George Elliot’s Middlemarch while filming Season 1 Yes, there really is an estate called Brancaster and it is gorgeous Perhaps one of my favorite behind-the-scenes tidbits comes from Julia Ormond and Olivia Ross who played matriarchs in both series.

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