The latest update to the Brave web browser, which integrated Basic Attention Token (BAT) into its model last month, has added support for the Solana and Mithril tokens as well. The release also improves BAT’s utility by increasing the number of ads that can be placed on the platform by around eight times. With this update, Brave now offers users 10 different token options to use in their browser wallet. Brave Browser Introduces Support for Solana and Improves BAT Utility

New Features

Brave’s latest update brings a host of new features and improvements to its web browser, with a special focus on crypto fans. Brave 4.0 includes support for new projects on Brave, including Solana and IOTA, bringing you closer to your favorite blockchain-based startups than ever before. It also improves its utility by adding multi-currency capabilities that make it easier than ever to tip users from within Brave itself. Using a fiat-based currency like US dollars or Euros has never been easier! You can also hold collateral in other currencies without paying exchange fees — which is great news if you’re one of those rare crypto holders who has held onto their coins through recent volatility.

Brave Browser Introduces Support for Solana and Improves BAT Utility
Brave Browser Introduces Support for Solana and Improves BAT Utility

How to update

Brave browser, which touts itself as a privacy-focused alternative to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and other major browsers, has announced that it is updating its software with improved blockchain utility. As such, Brave has added support for both Ethereum’s ERC-20 tokens as well as Bitcoin’s Lightning Network (LN). This means that in addition to supporting Basic Attention Token (BAT), users can now also use Brave to pay with LN on YouTube. This will allow creators to not only accept payments in cryptocurrency directly through their channels but also provide more information about their wallets. In fact, a recent update allowed content creators to share direct links about wallets by displaying them on screen during live streams.

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Upcoming new features

Brave plans to roll out a new opt-in ad program that pays you back in Brave browser cryptocurrency. The company is also working on adding a tipping feature in Brave Payments. The team is aiming to build a system that lets people support their favorite YouTubers, Twitch streamers, Twitterers, etc., directly through Brave payments using either bitcoin or its native utility token, Basic Attention Token (BAT). For example, you could use BAT or bitcoin to tip creators while browsing Reddit or Twitter—or whatever site(s) they frequent. A big part of that effort will be centered around making sure users actually have some funds to use with Brave Payments; otherwise users would just leave unused balances sitting in their wallets.

Development roadmap

Though developers have been working on Brave Payments , there are still a number of features that need to be implemented to improve utility. This is where a development roadmap comes in. A map of what’s going to get built helps keep users informed about what features are being worked on, when they can expect them to be available, and how new additions will make their experience better. The ability to monitor progress is particularly important for cryptocurrencies like Basic Attention Token (BAT) because it gives holders an idea of whether their investment will go up or down over time—and more importantly, by how much.

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