Blue Bloods is an iconic and long- running American police drama that has been raising on CBS since 2010. Following the Reagan family, an Irish- American unqualified family from New York City with a long history of law enforcement, the show offers an in- depth look at the lives and cases of the Reagan family dynasty. With Tom Selleck at the helm as the head of the Reagan family, this show is sure to keep observers occupied in the instigative tales of law and order. Join us as we explore the rich history of Blue Bloods and the Reagan family’s fidelity to justice. Blue Bloods A Family Dynasty of Law and Order

The Reagans- An preface

Blue Bloods is a megahit TV drama series following the Reagan family – an Irish- American unqualified family with a history of law enforcement. At the head of the family is primogenitor Frank Reagan( Tom Selleck), the New York City Police Commissioner. His children include Danny( Donnie Wahlberg), Erin( Bridget Moynahan), and Jamie( Will Estes). The Reagan family also includes Linda, Danny’s woman , and Frank’s retired father, Henry( Len Cariou).

The Reagan family has been working in law enforcement for generations, and each of its members have a special connection to it. Frank is the leader of the family, having held the position of Police Commissioner for over a decade. Danny is a operative at the NYPD 15th Precinct and is largely admired among his peers. Erin is an Assistant District Attorney who puts justice above all additional. Jamie is an NYPD officer, following in the steps of his father and forefather. Indeed Henry remains involved in law enforcement, working as a adviser to Frank on cold cases.

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With its unique mix of particular drama and crime- working action, Blue Bloods has come one of the most popular police procedurals on TV. The Reagan family’s fidelity to law and order make them a important dynasty in their community and beyond.

The Men of the Family

The Reagan men are the epitome of strength and power. Led by primogenitor, Police Commissioner Frank Reagan( Tom Selleck), the Reagan men are a force to be reckoned with. Frank is a no- nonsense man of honor who’ll stop at nothing to cover his family and megacity. He is a strict but loving father and leader who holds his family to the loftiest standard.

Frank’s oldest son is Danny Reagan( Donnie Wahlberg), an NYPD Detective First Grade and Iraq War stager. Danny is a hotheaded, occasionally impulsive bobby who is not hysterical to do whatever it takes to get the job done. His pious mate is Detective Maria Baez( Marisa Ramirez).

Coming in line is Jamie Reagan( Will Estes), a Harvard- educated counsel and recently formed NYPD Detective. Jamie is a position- headed, compassionate man who frequently has to intervene between his willful father and family. Jamie’s mate is Officer Eddie Janko( Vanessa Ray).

Rounding out the Reagan men is Joe Hill( Will Hochman), Frank’s illegitimate son who came into the family after his mama ‘s death. Despite some original distrust between him and Frank, Joe has proven himself to be a stalwart and able officer on the job.

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The Women of the Family

The women of the Reagan family are just as integral to the show as their manly counterparts. As the dame, Mary Reagan( Len Cariou) plays a crucial part in keeping the family together and maintaining their moral law. She’s a important presence that can keep her sons in line with a simple look or word. Though she’s no longer with them, her spirit lives on through her children and grandchildren.

The dame’s son, Erin Reagan( Bridget Moynahan), is the Assistant District Attorney for New York County. A single mama , Erin is devoted to her job and guarding the public. She’s an independent and strong-conscious woman who isn’t hysterical to stand up for what she believes in. She also has a softer side, however, and her connections with her family are veritably important to her.

The youthful Reagan stock is Linda Reagan( Amy Carlson), Danny’s woman and the mama of two children. Linda is compassionate and devoted to her family, always putting their requirements first. She also has a sharp eye for detail and can give sapience into delicate cases that her family is working on.

Though they’ve different personalities and ways of handling situations, the women of the Reagan family partake a deep connection and bond that’s apparent throughout the series. Their fidelity and strength serve as an illustration of how important women can be when they come together.

Blue Bloods: A Family Dynasty of Law and Order
Blue Bloods: A Family Dynasty of Law and Order

The heritage

The Reagan heritage is one of service and fidelity to justice. They’ve been a part of New York’s law enforcement for generations, with each new generation making their mark. Frank Reagan( Tom Selleck) has been at the helm of the family since 2010, taking on the part of Police Commissioner after his father Henry( Len Cariou) stepped down.

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Frank’s children, Danny( Donnie Wahlberg), Erin( Bridget Moynahan) and Jamie( Will Estes) have all followed in their father’s steps, with Danny and Erin both taking up careers in law enforcement and Jamie joining the NYPD. While the three siblings may not always see eye to eye on matters of law and order, they’ve all embraced the Reagan heritage of putting their lives on the line to cover their community.

The Reagan family is also supported by their extended family, including Linda( Amy Carlson), Frank’s former woman and mama of his three children; Maria Baez( Marisa Ramirez), Danny’s mate in the police department; Nicky( Sami Gayle), Jamie’s espoused son; and Joe Hill( Will Hochman), Frank and Henry’s whoreson. Each family member brings commodity unique to the table, helping the Reagans continue to uphold their character for being devoted to law and order.The Reagans are an illustration of how a family can come together to cover their community, no matter what particular differences they may have. Their commitment to justice and fidelity to one another has made them a chief of the TV geography since 2010. Blue Bloods continues to be a popular show that celebrates the Reagan family and their heritage of standing up for what’s right.

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