The long-awaited Jock vs. Nerd episode has finally arrived, and it did not disappoint! The stakes are finally as high as they’ve ever been, and everyone’s loyalties are being put to the test, with only the strongest left standing. Let’s get into it! Billions Recap: Let the Games Begin

The Roles of Bobby Axelrod and Chuck Rhoades

On Billions, Bobby and Chuck are big men in their respective worlds. Bobby is a super-rich, high-powered hedge fund manager; Chuck is a ruthless U.S. Attorney hellbent on putting Bobby behind bars for his past illegal behavior. But to fans of Season 6 Episode 7, it’s hard to tell who’s actually got more power at any given moment—Bobby or Chuck?

The World and Conflicts Within

The season six premiere opens with Chuck introducing a new version of Axe Capital. The team, gathered around an oval table in a conference room with massive glass walls, are meant to symbolize transparency. No longer will they keep secrets, now they will be transparent in all their dealings. All eyes are on Bobby Axe Axelrod (Damian Lewis), who is ready to greet them as their new leader.

Billions Recap: Let the Games Begin
Billions Recap: Let the Games Begin

The Storyline Action

The episode picks up after last week’s cliffhanger, in which a very desperate Chuck tried to extort an $11 million payment from Axe Capital by threatening to reveal his past transgressions to Wendy Rhoades. He was thwarted (at least temporarily) when Lara made her own move—to blackmail Axe for even more money ($50 million) by threatening to reveal that she and her father used him as their personal piggy bank for years.

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Character Depth in this Episode

Wendy Rhoades (Maggie Siff) has always been one of my favorite characters. She is cold, calculated, and calculating. Her entire life she had to act like a good girl to please her parents while they were raising her. Everything she did was calculated and it was only after she arrived at Axe Capital that we saw how deep her dark side went.

Next Week’s Predictions

The anticipation is killing us, but we’re happy to see next week’s episode is titled Shake Down. Based on that title, we’re expecting a lot of movement from one of our favorite characters. Plus, how could next week not be exciting when it features our favorite showdowns: Wags vs. Agent Hall (TBD), Taylor vs. Axe Capital employees (TBD), and Wendy vs. Bobby?

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