Benedict Wong has made the leap from S.H.I.E.L.D’s stoic butler, to Doctor Strange’s trusty companion and master of the mystic arts, Wong! With Marvel’s growing universe on the horizon and Benedict Wong as one of the lead actors in their latest series to hit cinemas, how exactly did his career get to this point? Who is Benedict Wong and what makes him special? Benedict Wong as Doctor Strange’s sidekick

Benedict Wong has been with Marvel since 2014

He first appeared in Guardians of The Galaxy where he played one of Peter Quill’s father figures, Yondu Udonta. Wong made an appearance again in James Gunn’s 2017 sequel Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2 but his role was slightly more prominent, with him playing a sorcerer helping and guiding Star Lord on his journey to defeat Ego (Kurt Russell) who was actually Star Lord’s dad.

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Benedict Wong was born in England and started his career in New York

He was born in London and moved to New York City at 18 to study acting. He eventually returned to Britain, where he studied at London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and joined BBC Shakespeare productions. There, he met Benedict Cumberbatch (who would later star opposite him in The Fifth Estate), a chance encounter that led to their roles on Sherlock . For most of his career, Wong has played supporting characters in major films or TV shows.

Benedict Wong is an actor, martial artist, and model

he trained in Wing Chun and Xing Yi Quan, he played Chau Wu in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. He was one of Marvel’s cast for Doctor Strange. Benedict Wong is one of Master Stephen Vincent Strange’s (Benedict Cumberbatch) mentors and guides him throughout his training as a Sorcerer Supreme. In addition to magical teachings, he also teaches Stephen on how to protect his body from physical damage. During a battle with Mads Mikkelsen’s Kaecilius, Dr.

Benedict Wong works with charities including UNICEF Benedict Wong as Doctor Strange’s sidekick

Benedict is a Trustee of UNICEF U.K. and campaigns for them on social media in an effort to raise money for children in conflict zones around the world. For his work with UNICEF, Benedict was honored with a Spirit of Compassion Award at their annual gala in September 2017. Benedict also worked with RED, an organization dedicated to eradicating AIDS from mother-to-child transmission, donating his time and appearing in advertisements for their cause.

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Fun facts about Benedict Wong Benedict Wong as Doctor Strange’s sidekick

Benedict Wong has been in a number of great movies and TV shows, including: Law & Order: UK, Attack The Block (which you probably saw mentioned in Guardians of The Galaxy), Prometheus and Marco Polo. He’s a skilled martial artist who trained with Jackie Chan at Beijing Film Academy. He can speak fluent Mandarin Chinese and German, he’s an actor, a Sifu (Martial Arts Teacher) and a father to two children.

Benedict Wong as Doctor Stranges sidekick
Benedict Wong as Doctor Strange’s sidekick

Doctor Strange’s Magical Sidekick Benedict Wong as Doctor Strange’s sidekick

Doctor Strange and Wong have shared an important bond in the Marvel Universe over the years, with Wong serving as a faithful sidekick, advisor, and friend to Doctor Strange. But who exactly is Wong, and why does he play such an important role in Doctor Strange’s life? Let’s take a look at the history of this character and explore his abilities and skills so that you can better understand him and his place within the Marvel Universe.

Introduction Benedict Wong as Doctor Strange’s sidekick

Benedict Wong has always been fascinated by magic. He said: I grew up watching The Great Merlini on television, and I thought it was amazing, although I didn’t know how they did it. So when a role as a master of magic came along in Doctor Strange, Benedict was delighted to be involved. My father introduced me to [my character] Wong, he says.

His origin story Benedict Wong as Doctor Strange’s sidekick

Wong was a servant of The Ancient One, who one day stumbled upon Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum while delivering food to it. He discovered that he had an innate talent for using magic, and so The Ancient One took him in as her apprentice. In return for Wong’s loyalty, she began to teach him how to wield spells of his own – which often involved cooking for others and cleaning chores.

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How he looks in the comics (and how it compares to his movie counterpart)

Benedict Wong is best known for his role as Master of The Mystic Arts in Doctor Strange. Some might be disappointed that he doesn’t look as Asian in real life as he does on screen, but Benedict can’t help it if Hollywood producers think that all Asians have to have black hair and brown eyes. He has often dyed his hair blonde (as seen above) but has also gone with a full head of light brown dreadlocks!

How he fits into the MCU so far, including Avengers Assemble

Wong is a master of magic and serves as a guide to Doctor Strange. He helps him hone his powers, search for artifacts and research ancient spells. Wong provides a sense of grounding and normalcy to Doctor Strange’s life and often acts as his voice of reason. In Avengers Assemble, Wong was knocked out when Hydra invaded Doctor Strange’s Mansion.

Why he’s such an important character and role model

Wong has long been a beloved character in Marvel comics, but is even more significant now with his role in Doctor Strange. He’s a sidekick, yes—but that doesn’t mean he isn’t an essential part of Doctor Strange’s world and story. Though they haven’t met yet in MCU canon, Wong is still proving himself to be just as formidable (if not more so) than some of our favorite superheroes; let’s dive into it.

What we can expect from him next

Benedict Wong, who plays Doctor Strange’s companion Wong in Doctor Strange, told Entertainment Weekly that he should be back [in future films]—there’s no question. But I think it’s about finding a time where we can really do something with him.

Do you think Benedict Wong will be able to shine in future movies?

Benedict Wong’s character, Dr.Wong, is a combination of fan favorites Wong and The Ancient One. While fans have been upset with Marvel Studio’s portrayal of The Ancient One in Doctor Strange, many are cautiously optimistic about Benedict Wong’s performance. Fans want to know if Benedict Wong will be able to add his own touch of mysticism or if he will merely be playing another sidekick for Doctor Strange.

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