Benedict Bridgerton has always been the second son in his family, and even though he’s not sure how he feels about that, he’s completely fine with the idea of being an artist. But then his sister is going to be married before him, which just won’t do! So Benedict decides to get serious about managing his family’s estate, with some help from his sister’s best friend and the fact that he kind of has feelings for her. Will Benedict manage to land a wife and deal with his feelings? Benedict Bridgerton: The Art of Being Second

Luke Thompson as Benedict Bridgerton

I got to work with some incredible people on my last series, including Samantha Bond and Jamie Dornan. You can see them in my last series, and you will soon be able to watch me in a new show that has an amazing cast. Benedict is an artist, who works mostly with ink. His younger brother Anthony likes his art style and always supports him. Benedict’s sister Hyacinth loves it when he comes around because they always talk about guys and she gets ideas for her next conquest.

Is He Always a Fixer?

Yes, Benedict’s always a fixer. He’s very good at it. As Luke Thompson, his actor, says, He doesn’t even know how not to be a fixer. People come to him because he can solve things that they can’t. And if something needs to be done in his family or with any organization he is part of, he is generally asked to step in and make things better for everyone else involved in that group or family. Luke goes on to explain that there are other instances where people have tried their hand at fixing whatever problems there are but found themselves overwhelmed with what those problems actually were; therefore they come begging for help from Benedict who then takes over and fixes everything in no time flat.

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Benedict Bridgerton: The Art of Being Second
Benedict Bridgerton: The Art of Being Second

Will He Always Suffer for the Women in His Life?

Luke Thompson stars as Benedict Bridgerton, a dashing second son. He is a sensitive artist at heart, and will always suffer for women—but hopefully not so much that he can’t paint. Luke Thompson may be new to Hollywood but he has been involved in film since he was a young boy. His parents fostered his creativity and encouraged him to pursue art. Luke was cast as an extra for one of his mother’s student films when he was ten years old and later had roles in two other productions she directed. After studying art at college, Luke worked as an illustrator before making his professional acting debut on stage in 1998.

What Makes Him Different From the Other Bridgertons?

Benedict Bridgerton isn’t a good-looking guy. In fact, he’s fairly ordinary. He has light brown hair and gray eyes; he isn’t overly tall or beefy (in contrast to his oldest brother); he doesn’t have a singularly impressive feature that makes him stand out in a crowd (unlike his younger brother). What sets Benedict apart from other men, though, is his character. He’s intelligent, creative, and charming—three characteristics that make it easy for him to attract women but also hard for any one woman to hold his attention. As such, Benedict is constantly juggling relationships with his artistic talent as well as love interests… Until he meets Sophie Mallory…

How Does He Stand Out Amongst All Those Hotter, Younger Men?

Luke Thompson has long been one of my favorite actors and Benedict Bridgerton is easily his best role. Benedict is a man with two things going for him- he’s in love with his brother, Colin, so women and their attempts to catch Colin’s eye doesn’t faze him at all. He knows that he will always come second to Colin, but what makes it interesting is that there are a few women who see that as a good thing. They know they can always depend on Benedict to be there if they want someone stable and steady in their life. However, Luke really does an excellent job showing us just how heartbreaking it is for someone who loves their best friend unconditionally but desperately wants more out of life.

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Why Do We Love (Read) About Him So Much?

It’s no secret that Benedict Bridgerton was a heartthrob. Just ask his housekeeper and manservant, two women whose own love lives were almost ruined by their unchecked attraction to our youngest hero. But while he may have been swooned over by just about every woman in London, one can’t help but wonder if it ever got a little old. In fact, we have pretty good reason to believe that it did—namely because his best friend Anthony actually asked him about it in a letter. (And really, who would make up something like that?) According to Benedict, what made marriage appealing was that he could finally have his cake and eat it too.

Benedict Bridgerton: The Art of Being Second
Benedict Bridgerton: The Art of Being Second

Is There Anything Else to Know About Benedict Bridgerton?

Benedict is currently 34 years old, and has spent a decade as a widower with two young children to raise. His wife died in childbirth, leaving Benedict as both mother and father to his little boy and girl, which he does remarkably well for a bachelor. He’s fairly famous in society circles because of his devotion to his two children. He’s also famous for being incredibly handsome, which is true but not exactly accurate. And while it might seem like there isn’t much left to say about him (after all, he hasn’t had any women try to trap him into marriage), there is still plenty of room for character development in future books!

Is Benedict bridgerton the same actor?

No, Benedict is played by Tom Brittney. I have him listed as Benedict because he is playing a member of that family and I don’t know which one. He has been in other productions but not listed in IMDB with his character name because it wasn’t significant enough to mention. It’s fine to use an actor’s name even if he doesn’t have an official credit for that role on IMDB. This happens often!

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Who is Benedict bridgerton?

Benedict is a bit different than his younger brothers. He is an artist and was named after his mother’s favorite book character. Benedict has always wanted to follow in his brother, Gregory’s footsteps by being a barrister. Even though he had many wishes on what he would like to do with his life, he accepted that he would never be good enough for society and decided to give up on achieving those things. Instead, Benedict decided to teach art at university and use his position as an artist in London.

Who married Benedict bridgerton? Benedict Bridgerton: The Art of Being Second

Benedict’s wife is Leonora Hurst, although he first was interested in his brother’s mistress, Hyacinth Bridgerton. Hyacinth became pregnant and decided to marry her lover, Percy Wharton. Benedict met Leonora at a house party and fell madly in love with her. She turned him down twice before finally agreeing to marry him after she had lived with him as his mistress for several months and was pregnant with his child.

Who does Benedict bridgerton sleep with?

Belinda was one heroine Luke Thompson previously played in Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand as a supporting role. He’s also known for his roles in TV shows such as Camelot, Silent Witness, and Casualty. Luke is currently playing Benedict Bridgerton in A&E TV network’s original series, The Bletchley Circle about women who work at a British code-breaking center during World War II.

Is season 3 Bridgerton about Benedict?

Most shows are about one lead character. Not so with Bridgerton, where four younger siblings play important roles. Benedict is second in line, but how do his relationships with older brother Colin and sister Beatrix compare?

How old is Daphne in Bridgerton?

Daphne is five years older than Benedict. Her age at various times in each book varies according to Daphne’s life—which is not important for Luke, who loves her no matter what. Once upon a time, her age was important to me when I plotted out their stories, but now it doesn’t matter because she and Benedict love each other so much they don’t notice anything else. They’re just glad they found each other. Benedict Bridgerton: The Art of Being Second

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