Cosmo Jarvis plays the role of Barney Thomason in the hit show Peaky Blinders . The actor’s career has been steadily increasing ever since his first appearance in 2011 film Real Steel . Now, he’s become one of the most talented actors on TV. But what about the real Cosmo Jarvis? What do we know about him? Let’s find out! Barney Thomason shines in Peaky Blinders!

Who Is Cosmo Jarvis      

Cosmo Jarvis is a British musician, best known for being a member of The Cosmo Jarvis Band and his appearances on BBC 6 Music with Tom Robinson. Cosmo has also starred as himself on BBC Three’s No Heroics and is currently appearing as Barney Thomason in BBC2’s hit drama Peaky Blinders. For a full list of shows to date see below: Peaky Blinders (as Barney Thomason) – 12 Episodes – August 2013 to April 2014 No Heroics (as himself) – 1 Episode – November 2012 Mates Of State : Andrew JT Long & Kori Gardner are Mates Of State. A husband and wife duo who both sing, play guitar and make beautiful music together.

Cosmo Jarvis Play Barney Thomason                       

If you’re a fan of Tom Hardy and his gangster series, then you’ll have to check out Cosmo Jarvis as Barney Thomason! You might recognize Cosmo from other major series like The Office, or as Slughorn from Harry Potter. But if we had to pick one person who would knock it out of the park in a leading role like Barney is sure to be, it would definitely be Cosmo Jarvis. If you haven’t seen him yet, watch now

Barney Thomason shines in Peaky Blinders!
Barney Thomason shines in Peaky Blinders!

A primer on Peaky Blinders

In recent years, British cinema has been producing some of its best movies and programs. Among them is Peaky Blinders, a series created by Steven Knight and starring Cillian Murphy as Tommy Shelby, leader of a notorious gang who tried to take over England. In last year’s episode, viewers saw that when Barney Thomason (Cosmo Jarvis) was recruited into The Peaky Blinders, his life started to turn around for good. As one of the original members of The Irish Mob and seen being tortured during season 1, his loyalties were to head boss Jimmy McCreadie (Paul Anderson). But after a little time with Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy), he began to see a different way of life which he decided to follow.

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The Characters

In Peaky Blinders, Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) creates a gang of ruthless young men who are blindfolded during initiation ceremonies and given razor blades to sew into their caps. These boys become known as Peaky Blinder. Yet while these iconic razor blade caps were a creation of creator Steven Knight, they served as a tribute to an even more infamous Liverpool-based gangster: Barney Thomason. In real life, Thomas Barney Thomason was born at 496 Old Hall Street on May 1, 1885 and joined gangs at an early age.

The Stunts

One of my favorite scenes from season 2 comes early on in episode 1, The Noose when Arthur Shelby orders a group of black market arms dealers to beat one of their own into submission. It isn’t particularly violent but more about control and intimidation. We filmed it at night on a deserted street, perfect for establishing a mood. Unfortunately there was no rain that night so we had to fake it by shooting through water-filled condoms and using explosive squibs under our stunt man Barney’s clothes.

Barney Thomason shines in Peaky Blinders!
Barney Thomason shines in Peaky Blinders!

The Creator

Cosmo Jarvis, vocalist and guitarist for folk-rock outfit Cosmo Jarvis & Friends (and of no relation to celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay), is always a highlight on your TV screen. He’s been showcased regularly on BBC2, appeared as a contestant on season 6 of The Voice UK and can be seen weekly on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch. With his quirky sense of humour, deadpan delivery and unexpected musical talents it seems there is very little he can’t do. It comes as no surprise then that he was asked to play one of our favourite characters from Peaky Blinders – Barney ‘The Bull’ Thomason.

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Your Questions Answered

Cosmo Jarvis, who plays Barney Thomason on BBC’s Peaky Blinders, graciously answered a few of our questions about his character and how he first got involved with music. Be sure to check out Cosmo’s latest music release, Bruiser. It features tracks that were inspired by his work on season two of Peaky Blinders. Read more: Barney Thomason is a character you love to hate. He isn’t afraid to tell other characters what he thinks of them, which makes him unpredictable and fun to watch. We talked with actor Cosmo Jarvis about playing such an entertaining bad guy. How did you first get involved with ‘Peaky Blinders?’ Were you familiar with it before?

Who is Barney Thomason in Peaky Blinders?

Barney Thomason is a comic character who appears in Peaky Blinders. In real life, he would have been made redundant during WWII when his factory was commandeered by government. Therefore he would be unemployed with little chance of finding alternative employment due to his age and skills set. This may explain why Barney’s family is less well off than others. The main source of entertainment for working class people was music hall, but with thousands thrown out of work after WWI, only a handful of theatres remained open for business and audience numbers had plummeted. It makes sense that an older worker like Barney could fill one of these places as a novelty act – if he were lucky enough to find work at all.

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Why is Barney in the asylum?

Barney is a fictional character on BBC’s Peaky Blinders, played by Cosmo Jarvis. In Series 2 of BBC’s dramatic historical series set just after World War I, it is revealed that Barney was sent to an asylum as a boy after trying to stop his father from beating his mother. While at Brookfield Asylum, Barney meets Doctor Geoffrey Thurtle and they form a strong bond. At age 16, Barney runs away from Brookfield with Thurtle and uses his wits as well as his questionable past to make money for them both. While traveling around Birmingham, Thurtle sees how much Barney adores music and buys him a violin—and quickly discovers that he has musical talent like no other.

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