Soundcloud and Spotify are great platforms that let you publish your music, collaborate with other artists, discover great new tracks and so much more! However, there’s one thing that can be really annoying about these platforms – their social features don’t link together automatically. That means if you like a track on Soundcloud, it won’t appear in your Likes or Favorites on Spotify unless you manually go over to each platform and add the track manually. Thankfully, there’s a super-simple hack you can use to solve this problem! Read on to find out how! Automatically sync your Soundcloud likes to your Spotify with this simple hack

Introduction – Why you should do it

If you’re a music producer, DJ, or just want to keep track of your favorite songs on both platforms, you know that it’s not always easy to keep up. Fortunately, there’s a way to automate the process. It takes some work to set up, but the time investment is worth it in order to save time and energy when looking for new music. Here’s how first, log into your Facebook account. From here you’ll have access to all of the information about people who like your pages on Facebook – including their email addresses.

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How to do it

1. Create an account and sign in on both Spotify and SoundCloud 2. Go to your personal settings on both platforms 3. Click Edit 4. Click Likes 5. Type in the same email address for each platform 6. Wait for a few hours, then check out the results! You can now see all of the songs you have liked on SoundCloud right below all of the songs you have liked on Spotify ! All of the songs are displayed by alphabetical order so it is easy to find what you are looking for.

 With this new app, it is easier than ever to find new music that suits your taste!

Verdict – Is it worth it?

The idea of automatically syncing Soundcloud Likes to Spotify can be a useful tool. If you are an artist and want to see how many people are liking your songs, then this is a great way for you to keep track. However, if you don’t want the extra work of going through the process of manually adding each like, then this might not be for you. For example, if you have 500 likes on Soundcloud but only 100 in Spotify, it will take a while before they’re synced up. Another downside to the system is that it doesn’t show where the listener was listening from (i.e., did they listen on their phone or desktop). Overall, I would recommend using this method only if you need some help keeping track of your listeners – because there are other ways for them to do so without using third party programs

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FAQ – Most asked questions

1. How do I turn on my phone?

2. I already liked a song before, can I still use this?

3. Does this work for Facebook too?

4. Will you show me how to do it?

5. Is it free? 6. How long will this take?

7. Can I stop syncing at any time?

8. Why is the process so slow?

9. Why is it not working for me at all and why does everyone else seem to have success doing this?

Can you sync SoundCloud to Spotify?

SoundCloud is a great place for artists to upload their content, but it’s not always easy to get discovered. Artists can link their account with social media like Facebook and Twitter, but there is no way to automatically promote the artist through other channels on the site. One way you can promote an artist on SoundCloud is by liking their songs and sharing them on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.

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How do I convert my SoundCloud playlist to Spotify?

To convert a playlist from SoundCloud to Spotify, open the playlist in the SoundCloud app and click on the three dots at the top-right corner of the screen. Click Share and select Add Tracks. A window will pop up that gives you two options. One is for adding tracks from other playlists on your account, and one is for adding songs from within a single playlist. Click on the latter option and select which playlist(s) you want to convert.

Automatically sync your Soundcloud likes to your Spotify with this simple hack
Automatically sync your Soundcloud likes to your Spotify with this simple hack

How do I import songs into Spotify?

1. Go to the Browse tab in the Spotify app and search for the song you want.

2. Click on the song and hit Add Track.

3. Click on Add to Playlist.

4. Select a playlist from the list of suggested playlists that pops up, or type in a name for a new playlist you want to create for that particular track, then click Create Playlist. 2.

What’s the difference between SoundCloud and Spotify?

SoundCloud and Spotify are both music streaming platforms, but they differ in some major ways. With SoundCloud, you can upload and share your own songs and audio files for others to stream and comment on. With Spotify, you must be connected to a WiFi connection in order to stream music from the app. Another difference is that not all songs are available on both platforms. For example, Taylor Swift’s latest album was released on November 10th as an exclusive release for Apple Music users only.

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