I’m not sure if you’ve heard of this movie, but it was just released on NETFLIX and has been getting very good reviews. It stars Asa Butterfield and Robert Englund, who I’m sure most of you know from their roles in Hugo and A Nightmare on Elm Street, respectively! The film has an interesting premise, which I won’t spoil here because it should be interesting to watch the movie and see how everything plays out for yourself! Either way, check out this new thriller when you get the chance because it seems like it will keep you interested throughout its runtime. Asa Butterfield and the NETFLIX film Choose or Die


Asa Butterfield, Eddie Marsan, Robert Englund: As mentioned before, Netflix has high hopes for Choose Or Die , which seems to be an interesting combination of several popular genres: Horror/thriller, kids’ fantasy (the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure series is more widely read by adults than kids), a coming-of-age movie with young teenage protagonist. Add in famous cast members like Asa Butterfield, Iola Evans, and Robert Englund, and you have what could be one of Netflix’s biggest releases yet. But can it live up to expectations? We’ll find out soon enough!


Eight teenagers are forced to play a game of Truth or Truth, a deadly version of Truth or Dare. The object of their twisted game is simple; tell the truth, don’t lie, complete your task…or die. Tonight, these eight classmates will literally play for their lives as they are placed in a house rigged with cameras. There is no escape from what lies ahead…no matter how hard they try to run!


Following an invitation to pitch his story, Meakins began writing Choose or Die in early 2016. Filming began at Easter 2016 in London. The film was shot digitally with ARRI Alexa cameras. Netflix signed on as producers before filming commenced and added their involvement publicly in June 2016. Prior to its premiere at FrightFest, it had been announced that a wide release would follow later in 2017. It will be released theatrically by Vertigo Releasing on 25 September 2017.

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Choose or Die was critically panned upon its release, earning a 4% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The critical consensus for Choose or Die reads: A terrible horror comedy, with poor acting and amateurish direction by first-time director Toby Meakins.[3] It has been criticized for having very little tension, being too predictable, and not using its premise well enough. Despite praise from some critics for Iola Evans’ performance as heroine Katie Collins,[4][5] it has been called one of 2018’s worst films.[6][7][8] Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of C on an A+ to F scale.[9]

Review of the trailer

A young man travels to a foreign country, falls in love with a local girl, then gets tangled up in her family’s dark secrets. In an effort to save his new girlfriend, he is coerced into performing various horrific tasks. This movie looks like it will be thrilling and full of twists! I can’t wait to see it!

NETFLIX film Choose or Die

Asa Butterfield was selected to star in The new NETFLIX thriller Choose or Die (formerly titled CURS>R). It is based on a novel by Toby Meakins. It will be directed by Toby Meakins. Shooting is expected to begin in 2018. No release date has been announced yet. This film does not have an official title yet, but it’s still being called Choose or Die for now.

Who is Asa Butterfield

Asa Maxwell Thornton Farr Butterfield (born 1 May 1997) is an English actor. He rose to prominence for his leading role as Martin Finn O’Hara in the 2016 fantasy-war film The Boy, for which he was nominated for a BIFA Award for Best Actor. In 2017, he portrayed lead character Edward Eddie Adams in All I See Is You, a biopic of real life Blind photographer Christy Brown directed by Marc Forster.

Film synopsis

A citywide search is in progress for Katie, an emotionally troubled 17-year-old with a dark past. Following her disappearance, three of her friends—Mikey, his girlfriend Kate, and Tom—wake up with no recollection of their night out at a local club. As they piece together what happened that evening in fits and starts from their collective drug-addled memories, it becomes clear to them that something far more sinister occurred: They were part of Katie’s kidnapping.

Interesting facts about Asa Butterfield

Asa Butterfield was born on January 17, 1997 in London, England as Asa Maxwell Thornton Farrar. He is an actor, known for Ender’s Game (2013), Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (2016) and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016). His parents are Jacqueline Farrar and Charles Farrar. His brother is singer-songwriter-musician-producer Nils Frahm.

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What Does It All Mean? Asa Butterfield and the NETFLIX film Choose or Die

Choose or Die was an image originally designed by Sir Francis Bacon to convey a particularly harsh warning. The idea of being given a choice with no right answer is terrifying, as you might choose something that later on proves to be bad for you. In Choose or Die, Asa Butterfield plays a teen who has lost his mother and father in a car accident. He is left alone in his family home when he starts receiving strange messages from his computer about how he can either live happily ever after if he chooses correctly, or die gruesomely if he chooses incorrectly.

Netflix releases information about the film – their first co-production with UK production company

Blink Films. Choose or Die will be released in UK cinemas on 5th June 2022. The film is set to premiere at London’s BFI IMAX cinema on 29 May 2022, with a worldwide release date of 1st June 2022. The films trailer was revealed on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter alongside a still from the upcoming thriller. This is Netflix’s first co-production with British production company: Blink Films.[3]

Asa Butterfield and the NETFLIX film Choose or Die
Asa Butterfield and the NETFLIX film Choose or Die

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Q & A

What was it like working with co-star Iola Evans? Did you learn anything from her? What was your favorite part of making CHANGE OR DIE? How did you prepare for your role as a serial killer? How did you get into character while filming? How do fans react to seeing Asa Butterfield in a horror movie. Are there any other genres that interest you as an actor? Do fans ever mistake you for another actor, if so who is it most often mistaken for and why do they think that way? What’s next for Asa Butterfield after starring in CURS>R [3] ?

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Is Choose or Die interactive?

Not really. The movie is basically a version of Saw with more choose your own adventure elements, but there’s very little interactivity beyond a few question prompts at key points throughout. The actual story centers on Asa Butterfield’s character—Maxine—who wakes up in an underground bunker after being kidnapped by a seemingly sadistic serial killer.

Is Choose or Die gory?

Yes! But, even if you’re looking for gory thrills, there’s so much more to it than just a scary premise. The movie captures both of these genres perfectly and is worth a watch even if you aren’t usually into horror flicks. If you can stomach it, that is… You’ll definitely be jumping at some points in the movie! I love how real all of its scenes feel, especially since it takes place in London. There are some amazing locations used throughout—especially since many of them are real-life haunted places—and Meakins does an excellent job filming them in such a way that makes them look even creepier on screen. Even though it was released earlier last year, I highly recommend checking out Choose or Die if you haven’t already seen it!

How does Choose or Die end?

As Director Toby Meakins mentioned in a recent interview with Ain’t It Cool News, [Choose or Die] has no definitive ending. As [Asa Butterfield’s character] Tom moves through different realities he collects information that allows him to make choices along his path. Depending on your choices will determine which reality you end up at the end of that journey, but as I said there is no right answer, there is only your answer.

Where is Choose or Die filmed?

About 70 percent of all scenes for Asa Butterfield’s newest movie, which also happens to be his first in a two-picture deal with Netflix. The upcoming horror thriller, titled Choose or Die (formerly known as CURS>R), was shot almost entirely on location at various hotels around London and at one of their satellite locations in Clapham. In addition to those locales, there were some exterior shots that were filmed at Manchester University. All told, filming took place over a period of about three months in 2017. After wrapping up shooting last year, director Toby Meakins said he can’t wait for audiences to see it! [3]

Does Kayla Die in Choose or Die?

Fans of British actor Asa Butterfield have been left wondering if his character, Kayla, dies in new upcoming psychological thriller, Choose or Die. The Netflix original was released on March 25 to a host of critical acclaim. However, despite many giving five star reviews on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, many fans were concerned that Asa’s character didn’t survive. If you haven’t watched it yet (spoiler alert), take our poll below to let us know if you think he survives: [3]

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