A lot goes into making an album. There are rehearsals, recording sessions, and album art to consider, not to mention the actual marketing and distribution of your music to fans across the world. It’s a long process, but the result is hopefully an album that’s fun and exciting for both you and your fans to listen to for years to come—and, if it’s done right, people will want to listen again and again. As the Crow Flies: The Making of Miray Daner’s Debut Album

Taking the Leap

Music isn’t just a business – it’s a career. The transition from hobby to professional musician is one fraught with peril, and many aspiring musicians never make it. Those who do, often follow different paths toward success. For singer-songwriter Asli, her path began five years ago when she moved to New York City. Facing rejection after rejection in her search for work as an actress, Asli finally decided to embark on another passion project: music. But a lack of formal training and talent didn’t stop her from realizing her dreams of stardom – instead, she turned to Kickstarter!

Connecting with the Fans

Connecting with fans has always been a priority for singer-songwriter Asli. One reason she loves Instagram is because it gives her a chance to see what my people are seeing, as she puts it. It’s so important to have that dialogue, she says. I love reading comments, hearing feedback and answering questions on my profile. So many artists have turned off their comments and I don’t know why they do that. You never know who will be listening. (Miray)

As the Crow Flies: The Making of Miray Daner's Debut Album
As the Crow Flies: The Making of Miray Daner’s Debut Album

Catching Up on Music Technology

In 2007, when she was just 16 years old, a young singer-songwriter named Asli traveled to New York City and recorded her debut album at Electric Lady Studios with producer Greg Wells. It’s hard to imagine now, but back then Asli was doing something fairly novel in music technology: She recorded all her songs live with a band. Thanks to advances in technology that have allowed recording software like Pro Tools to be used at home and on a laptop, most new artists today make use of computers in their recordings. And according to Greg Wells (who has produced albums for artists such as OneRepublic and Adele), it’s changing how music is made.

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Gathering Inspiration for Releasing her First Album

Asli recorded over 70 songs for her debut album Somewhere In Between. Many were written years ago during her first solo tour. Others are about Asli’s college experiences, and some just capture a feeling she wants to remember. I’m a writer by nature, so writing songs was like therapy for me, especially as I began making my album in such a time of sadness in my life, says Asli. In addition to Asli’s own lyrics and melodies, she collaborated with two other songwriters on three tracks—including one that features Shobha Gurtu (mother of singer Angelique Kidjo). She showed up at our studio one day out of nowhere! She had never even heard me sing before!

Recording New Songs

On her way to creating a new album and in her role on ‘Hawaii Five-0,’ actress Miray Daner is very busy these days, but she enjoys every bit of it. She plays an FBI agent named Asli on Hawaii Five-0, and also has released her debut album, The Birds. With as busy as she is with two big career undertakings at once, you’d think that Daner wouldn’t have much time for anything else. But if you ask her, she’ll tell you that nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, by slowing down and taking things one step at a time, each thing that she does becomes more meaningful. Check out what else she had to say in my interview with her below!

As the Crow Flies: The Making of Miray Daner's Debut Album
As the Crow Flies: The Making of Miray Daner’s Debut Album

Enjoying Her Song ‘The Birds’ With All Her Heart

Miray Daner, who sings in Istanbul. While she is making a new song that she will sing with all her heart, she makes an interview and says: The song ‘The Birds’ is one I remember from when I was a child. I love it very much, so I would like to make my own version for everyone. Miray Dane said about her first album with his voice released on Sunday night. In the project titled ‘We are Moving Up’, which was made by two researchers and co-conducted by Sıla Sekizyürek and Selim Berker and presented during Istanbul Design Week, has been noted that they received songs from around 4,000 people working together through social media platforms such as Twitter to make an album.

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miray daner boran kuzum

Asli is a solo album by Turkish hip-hop artist Miray Daner. It was released on December 15, 2012 through SonicSis Records. On Asli, Daner largely revisits issues from her previous projects and additionally incorporates content about her recent move to Istanbul from her hometown Antalya. Most notably she puts forth a feminist perspective on classic tracks like Cemalim, which has been well received by critics due to its honest approach towards dealing with domestic violence and rape in Turkey; most famously it also includes dialogue where a woman expresses regret over having killed her husband after he physically abuses her as well as verbally shames and insults her.

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Ola Jordan (Miray daner Relationship) – Miray daner is a Turkish Tv Presenter, Model, Dancer and actress. She was born on June 18, 1985 in İstanbul Turkey . She is popular for being a professional dancer/choreographer on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing and Turkish TV program Buzda Dans. About Ola Jordan wiki, bio , age , career

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